" As a firm develops its advertising strategy, it must consider three factors: - The message they want to convey- the media available for conveying the message- the extent to which the firm wants to globalist its advertising effort" (book, p. 657) The promotion designated in the "4 Ps" involves the communication, the personal selling, the sales promotions, and public reactions. Firstly, as regards communication, Donnar is a B-to-B company, so they don t ad for the public. However, they try to convey a strong message to their customers in Australia. "The message of an advertisement refers to the facts or impressions the advertiser wants to convey to potential customers." (book, p.

657) their message is mainly "reliability, dependability and a market name which is well known in China" (Catts, C. , 2004, email, 5 th April) by mentioning awards and certificates awarded in China by numerous agencies. Their global communication policy is 'think globally, act locally' (Catts, C. , 2004, email, 5 th April) which means that they use the same commercials in Australia and in China, but not the same actors. The medium (communication channel) used is ATM managers, banks and past relationships (Catts, C.

, 2004, email, 5 th April). Secondly, personal selling means "making sales on the basis of personal contacts" (book, p. 662). This technic is currently used by Donnar with "also use the relationships they have with certain companies in China and abroad to enter the market and use their name for promotion" (Catts, C.

, 2004, email, 5 th April). This way of making promotion is very efficient because it directly relates to something the buyer know. Thirdly, Donnar doesn t make any sales promotions like coupons or in store promotion, because, as we said before, it is a B to B business which doesn t react as individuals to this kind of incentive. Finally, our company widely use the public relations with an internet site (web), Advertisement on banking and ATM management newsletters, conferences all over the world... The 4 th P refers to Place or, commonly, distribution.

"Distribution involves moving products and services from the firm to the firm's customer" (book, p. 665). Donar "use freight boats shipped from Shanghai and Home Kong because [they] have a factory in Shenzhen." (Catts, C. , 2004, email, 5 th April). This system present the advantages of being inexpensive and good for large products, but is quite slow and indirect (Table 16. 4: Advantages and disadvantages of different's modes of transportation for exports and imports, book, p.

666). Donnar uses a short channel length: they are a manufacturer and they "sell the product directly to the con summer" (Catts, C. , 2004, email, 5 th April) because, for example, if a bank buy some, they buy many at the same time, and they are in a direct contact with the company. That s why the company didn t need either to do any investment abroad. To conclude, we have described in this paper the different component of their strategy in exporting in Australia. Nowadays, we can say that Donar has well understood the stakes of the international marketing in they international management because they "have developed very successful and profitable long term business relationship in Australia with some banks as BNP Paribas" (Catts, C.

, 2004, email, 5 th April)!