Recently I read one of the Hans Christian Anderson's short stories, The Emperor's New Clothes. This Danish writer in his story made such a good picture of foolish kings and governors that now-a-days are much more before. Many years ago there was an emperor who was so excessively fond of new clothes that he spent all his money on them. He cared nothing about his army, nor for people and his country, except to showing off his new clothes. One day two swindlers came to castle and said to emperor that they can weave the most beautiful stuff imaginable. Not only were the colors and patterns unusually fine, but the clothes that were made of these stuffs had the peculiar quality of becoming invisible to every person who was not fit for the office he held, or if he was impossibly dull.

Emperor thought that those must be magnificent clothes, besides he should be able to discover which men in his kingdom are unfitted for their posts. Therefore he ordered to those two swindlers to make it ready for next month ceremony. Two swindlers asked such a huge amount of pure gold thread, fine silk and expensive cottons. They started their work in a separated room. They did put up two looms and all the time they just pretend to make such a fine stuff. The day and night they were busy with empty looms, but time to time they asked precious materials for emperor's new clothes.

After a time, emperor sent his old minister to see what's going on. The poor old minister went there but he could not see any thing. Firstly he was worry that he could not see that stuff, but when two swindlers asked about clothes, he answered that it's magnificent. Two swindlers started to describing great patters and originality of colors and old minister paid great attention on them. After that when he back to emperor, he just repeat all swindlers words. After some times again one another person was sent to that room, but the same story happened.

After all in occasion day emperor and a number of his courtiers, among them, the two faithful officials who had already seen the imaginary stuff, went to visit new clothes. No one could see the stuff, but every one was pretend to see something. Emperor himself could not see any thing but he put on that invisible stuff and finally in the street one innocent boy shouted that emperor has no clothes! The main characters in this story are emperor, two swindlers, ministers and that little child. The emperor is symbol of a king that is king of not thing. He just wastes his life and his people's life on unimportant matters. Two swindlers are symbol of whom that abuse the tragic point of others and make money.

Ministers and courtiers are symbol of whom that just think about him self's benefit not the people or countries one. And innocent child is symbol of some one who can make things change. And as the bible says, 'And the little child shall lead them.' Some times characters like that can help themselves, people and country. I myself love this story, because it's full of hummer and fun but its theme is very rich.

I love the boy's character because in a situation that all the people can see invisible clothes, he don't say lie. He just says what he has seen. I recommended any one to read this story. Any one who loves hummer, fun and world of Hans Christian Anderson.