APR Visa Card Save money with balance transfers As low as 2. 99% Intro rate or 9. 99% ongoing APR Great rewards program 100% Safe Shopping Pledge 30 second approvals Why wait? Start saving money today - Transfer your balances now Platinum card offers: 1. 9% APR for the first 3 billing periods for purchases and balance transfers 30 second online credit decision - subject to verification 9. 9% APR Fixed Rate No Annual Fee Gold card offers: 1. 9% APR for first 2 billing periods No Annual Fee Variable APR after first 2 months Classic Card is for those establishing or re-building their credit Top Rated Credit Cards Best Overall Card Cash Reward Card Low Fixed Rate Card APR: 9.

99%Annual Fee: $0 APR: 14. 99%Annual Fee: $0 APR: 9. 99%Annual Fee: $0 Blue from American Express - Offers a variety of benefits and services to cardholders (too many to list here), with no annual fee, a very low interest rate, and a low introductory rate. Fleet Titanium Cash Rebate - Earn up to 2% cash back on purchases made with the card. In addition, the card has a reasonable low interest rate with no annual fee. Get Smart Visa Platinum - Individuals who plan to carry a balance on this card, will find doing so to their advantage due to the low introductory rate and low fixed rate thereafter.

Gas Reward Card Business Card Limited / Poor Credit APR: 13. 99%Annual Fee: $0 APR: 9. 99%Annual Fee: $0 APR: 0% Monthly Fee: $8 Shell Platinum MasterCard - Earn a 5% rebate towards free gasoline with every purchase made at Shell Gas Stations and a 1% rebate with every purchase made elsewhere. It has a reasonable low interest rate, a low introductory rate, and no annual fee. Fleet Smart Visa Business Card - is an ideal credit card for small business owners, as it offers a low APR for purchases, a 0% introductory rate, and various business related discounts and services - too many to mention here! Net First MasterCard - Reports to all three credit bureaus as an unsecured card, there is no credit check for those who apply, a 100% approval rating (for those who complete an accurate application), and there is no interest rate applied on the account. An ideal card for those who need to establish credit.

CD rates Consistent high yields-Our CD and Money Market Account yields are consistently among the nation's highest. Discover Bank received Bankrate's Top Tier award for deposit products with annual percentage yields (Apy) consistently among the top three banks nationwide. The award was presented for the second quarter of 2001 by the Bankrate. com newsletter, 100 Highest Yields. 5. 18% APY 5 year CD 1.

84% APY Money Market Annual Percentage Yield Account Type DiscoverBankAPY National Average APY 6 month CD 2. 63% 1. 71% 1 year CD 2. 99% 1. 97% 2 year CD 3.

51% 2. 72% 5 year CD 5. 18% 3. 95% Money Market 1. 84% 1. 41% Discover (R) Bank rates are based on a $10, 000.

00 investment and are valid as of 12/12/01. Rates will vary based on amount deposited. Fees could reduce earnings and a fee will be charged for early CD withdrawal. Savings and Investment Savings Baby Bond (R) Regular savings for babies? Tax privileges for babies? Investing for a young child's future? Potentially better returns than a building society savings account? Youngster Bond Regular savings for youngsters? Tax privileges for youngsters? Investing for a child's future? Lump Sum investments for children? Potentially better returns than a building society savings account? Friendly Bond Regular Savings for adults? Tax privileges for adults? Lump Sum investment? Potentially better returns than a building society savings account? University Bond tax-efficient solution to funding for the ever increasing cost of higher education. Savings for your child's future education With-Profits In the last decade, Tunbridge Wells Equitable Friendly Society has featured 24 times (out of a possible 40) in the top 10 table of With-Profits Endowment Plans (such as the Baby Bond (R) ) published by Money Management: WITH-PROFITS ENDOWMENT PERFORMANCE Number of top 10 appearances throughout the decade, out of 40 Provider No. of top 10 appearances 1.

Royal London 382. Wesleyan Assurance 303. Scottish Mutual 264 = Tunbridge Wells Equitable 244 = Standard Life 246. Friends Provident 217.

General Accident 198 = Co-operative 168 = NFU Mutual 168 = Scottish Friendly 16.