COMPETENCY GOAL I Functional Area 3: Learning Environment To establish and maintain a safe healthy learning environment Goals 1. Provide Learning Centers in appropriate places. 2. Encourage the children to stay in a center. 3. Materials need to be change periodically.

I Provide learning center in appropriate places. I Arrange play areas to encourage play, learning experiences, and all areas of development. Encourage social relationships and developmental processes during the activity. Provide a variety of games, play materials equipment and supplies for the children to choose from different activity.

Children learn through hands on manipulation of materials. I Encourage the children to stay in one center. Help them learn how to share with one another. Encourage each child to participate in each center.

Assist the children where necessary to follow the rules for moving from one activity to another and selecting an activity. Improvise play materials when possible. Evaluate play material as they are used. Practice positive guidance techniques in the classroom. When the children are in there centers, participate in the activity by asking open-ended questions and involved in play as appropriate.

And practice safety procedures. I change material periodically for the need of the children. Children will get bored of the same toys after a period of time. I would add new material in every center once a month. I would add new material to each center from time to time, and put away a few old items.

Toddlers like toys that make sounds and push-toys that roll across the room. Children have different developmental levels may use the same material in different way.