Magic Lighter Once upon a time, there was a soldier who served his king for many years. When war was over the king sent the soldier away and gave him nothing in return. With heavy heart he left the king and walked all day until he came to a house that belonged to an old witch. The witch let him in on a condition that he will do a task for her. She asked him to get a lighter out of an old dry well.

When she was about to pull him out of the well, she told him to give her the lighter first, but the soldier refused to give it before he was back on the ground. The witch flew into rage and left the soldier to die in the well. While he was down there he found that the lighter had a magic power. When he lit his smoking pipe with it, there stood a dwarf waiting for his command. Soon the dwarf helped the soldier to get out of the well.

The soldier killed the wicked witch, took her treasures and went back to the town that he had come from. When he got back, he decided to get even with the king. He called back the dwarf and told him to kidnap the king's daughter to make her work as his slavey at night. Next morning the daughter told her father that she had a strange dream. The king advised her to take a handful of peas and leave a trail behind her in case it happened to her again.

Next morning the daughter told the same story, but the king's men couldn't find the trail because peas were s catered all over town. Then the king advised her to hide one of her shoes at soldier's place. At night she hid one of her shoes under the soldier's bed. Next morning the whole town was searched and the soldier was caught and thrown into prison. When he was sentenced to death he asked the king for a kindness to have a last smoke. Before the king knew anything, the black dwarf appeared with a cudgel.

In flash he attacked the king. The king was so terrified that he begged for mercy. At the end the soldier married the king's daughter and together they lived happily ever after.