6. Our system has many strengths, but there are also some weaknesses and improvements that could be made if time (and skill! ☺ ) allowed. Strengths: 1. All drop downs are populated from database - insures that a user can not select an incorrect / invalid item producing an error. 2. Views were created whenever possible - screen layouts are clean and easy to read; more efficient queries 3.

Screens are well organized, consistent, and appealing to the eye - color, design, and readability, was important to us. Light gray and white was mainly used with hints of brighter color. Users will not strain to see words or buttons, nor will they be blinded by bright colors 4. System is easy to navigate - all roads lead back to the main menu, so the user will not be lost trying to find another form.

5. System is efficient - First, user is able to easily select what area he / she needs help with. Once there, the screen is not cluttered with unnecessary / redundant information. The system does not waste the user's time, it gets right to answering our companies questions / problems Weaknesses: 1.

Not enough historical data to really make for conclusive results in regards to projected demand and market growth, also creates fewer choices in drop downs 2. Year and months are not taken into consideration in areas where they could be. With more time, each screen should allow the manager to select both a month and year in which to calculate results for. Furthermore, the manager should also just be able to select a full year to calculate information for. This would be very useful to make quick, monthly decisions as well more analytical decisions by selecting a full year. 3.

Reports should be produced with all screens. If we had more time, we would allow the user the option of converting all screens to reports.