Internet Ad #11) Tide 2) This series of ads shows all of Tide's laundry detergents which include liquid, powder, powder with bleach, powder with bleach alternative, tabs, high efficiency, and Tide kick. 3) Tide uses a different approach from some of the other types of laundry detergent companies. They devote a separate page to each type of product. Each of these pages shows pictures of each individual type of product (for example the different types of liquid detergents). Next to each picture is a full description of the product, which includes the uses and scents.

Below the pictures is a chart that lists the various formulas and sizes. This website invites the viewer to try out the Tide products to see which one best fits their family. 4) This website used no special techniques. 5) The Tide ads are very effective. Besides showing ample information about each type of product, the website also shows special offers, related articles, a Tide product locator, and common question about stain removal and laundry detergents.

Also, the website is full of bright colors, which help to grab your attention. Internet Ad #21) Wisk 2) This page is an advertisement for all of Wisk's laundry detergents. 3) This ad is a one-page advertisement for the Wisk products, which include dual action tablets, liquid with wrinkle reducer, liquid with bleaching action, liquid with no perfumes of dyes, and high efficiency. Each different product is shown, followed by a short description.

Below the products is a statement most of their products can be purchased in liquid and powder forms. This website tell the viewer to wash their clothes right the first time, by using Wisk products. 4) This website features a washing machine icon that you can click on that will show you how to wash certain clothes. This icon moves around in different directions on the screen. 5) This ad was not as effective as the Tide website.

There was a lack in visuals in the actual products, whereas Tide devoted an entire page for each type of product, this site put all of the products on one page and used writing instead of visuals to describe the liquid and powder products. The ad doesn't specify the sizes or scents.