Would you change your school? Would you go to a private school instead of a public school? Or to a public school instead of a private school? Private and public education is different in many ways such as their performance, enrollment, and the overall education taught but yet they have somewhat similar teachers. Students' performance in public and private schools differ a lot. Private schools often have better grades and test scores. It is proven that kids who go to a public school and attend a private school perform better (Williams 17). Student performance varies but the advantage would probably have to go to the private schools. Teachers in private and public schools are similar yet have some differences.

There are about 2. 7 million teachers and other faculty members in public schools (Klieg 22). There are about 400, 000 teachers and other faculty members in private schools (Klieg 22). Of all these teachers only about 71% of private school teachers are licensed where 97. 4% of public teachers are licensed (Williams 61). That makes the public teachers sound good, but there is also this little fact that they " re leaving out.

Public school teachers aren't even qualified to be teaching the subjects that they teach a lot of the time (Williams 46). Perhaps this is why the private school students are doing better than the public school students are. Or maybe it is because the average student to teacher ratio is better than public schools. This ratio is 17 students to 1 teacher in public schools where it is 14.

9 students to 1 teacher in private schools (Williams 46). A good reason why private education is made out to be so much better than public schools is not necessarily because of the teachers, but the way private schools are able to hand pick each one of their students (Phillips Internet). Most likely they are going to pick the richest and smartest students they can. Why the richest and the smartest? Well if they pick the richest students it's going to help the school financially. While the smarter students make the school and their teachers look good. So all in all teachers are all pretty equal besides maybe a few differences.

How about teachers and their salaries? Teachers who are getting paid less are probably going to do a worse job right? WRONG! Private school teachers are usually paid about 12, 000 dollars less than public school teachers (Education Digest Internet). The average public school principal makes about 54, 900 dollars where a private school principal makes only 32, 00 dollars a year. So, more than likely the way teachers are paid probably does not really affect the way they teach. The enrollment in public and private schools is much different. The amount of kids in a school / classroom is going to effect the way the kids learn. The less kids in a class probably the better their going to do.

While the more kids enrolled in school the worse the kids are probably going to do. Public schools usually have 300-599 students enroll (Klieg 22). They have an average of 527 kids per a school (Klieg 22). Where Private schools enroll below 300 kids and have an average of 190 kids per a school (Klieg 22). Enrollment has gone up slowly with about 46.

8 million kinds in public schools and about 5. 9 million kids in private schools (Klieg 21). The enrollment in schools will probably still continue to rise. The overall education in both public and private schools could drastically be improved.

There are many things that people could do to improve education. For instance one way to improve private education is to make them have to take certain tests. As stated by Mary Williams "No State requires private schools to take the same tests as public schools (Williams 62)." So therefore there is the public schools like in Missouri for example; where they must take the MAP tests and such other tests, while the private schools are just sitting around doing the normal routine. No, these tests aren't for a grade or anything they just let the states know what is going on in the schools of Missouri. That's just one small thing they could do to help improve the education. Some other good ideas to help improve the education lie with in the strategies of the school.

To improve public and private education are to have some strategies that will prepare all students to meet specific standards at a given time (Williams 198). Those students who don't meet the standards would need fast and effective extra help such as after school tutoring or summer school that is so they will graduate on time (Williams 232) We want students graduating and don't want students to fail. Research has shown that flunking kids to help with their academic achievement and it can even be harmful (Williams 200). It seems as to me that most students who dropout have failed at least one grade at some point in their life.

One possible solution for these kids who are flunking classes is to maybe have them take a test of some sort to see if they really know a thing or two and just don't want to apply themselves or what. Improvement of schools could be shaped up a great deal. Education standards are constantly rising each year (Williams 197). But are the teachers and students raising with these expectations? No, it does not seem so. It seems that the reason public students are doing so poorly are because their teachers aren't applying themselves as they should.

Now the private schoolteachers on the other hand seem to be getting it done. Maybe it's because they have a better teacher to student ratio. Maybe it's because they can accept whatever child they want into their school. Who know, but it seems that public education can and needs to be improved maybe slightly more than private education. Is money really the answer to everything? Some may think that their school does not have enough money and that's why their students are doing so poorly. But more than likely money doesn't play such a big part in the academic achievement of the students in school.

For example: New Jersey is rated number 1 in terms of money per a student but yet they " re rated 29 th in the basic student achievement (Williams 192). So before you blame your poor education on insufficient funds next time stop and think of these little facts. So what's this saying? Maybe money is not the answer to everything. So therefore private and public education is similar to an extent. However they do show many differences also. As shown they were different in their performance, enrollment, and the overall education taught.

Private and public schools don't have that much in common, but are their things that they do have in common but just didn't get mentioned? Yes there are many more topics that are similar and different that we didn't get into. 05/09/2002 PRIVATE SCHOOL Svs. PUBLIC SCHOOLS.