Global warming is an event that will affect many people and animals all over the world. Humans will be affected the most due to global warming due to things like temperature increase. Many people believe that global warming began since the industrial revolution during the 18 th century. During this time heat-trapping gases began to load in the atmosphere, gases such as carbon dioxide and methane.

Global warming will have many negative consequences to humans, animals, and even plants. In the article Life in the Greenhouse by Micheal D. Lemonick, Lemonick shows that's if we don't stop treating our planet like trash it will have many consequences. Global warming will cause worldwide temperatures to increase more than 1^0 F.

This may not seem like a lot but considering that only 9^0 F end the last ice age, so just a 1 degree increase can have an effect on humans and the threat of global warming. Glaciers from mountain tops are disappearing. Coral reefs are dying off, and droughts are becoming common in Asia and Africa. The artic permafrost is starting to melt. Plants and animals are even beginning to be affected. They are shifting their range pole ward and to high altitudes.

Migration patterns for animals like polar bears, and butterflies are being disrupted. Climate zones are shifting dramatically; central Canada is feeling more like Illinois, and Georgia more like Guatemala. "Some scientists believe that the climate will reach a "tipping point" (Which is a point at which even a tiny additional increase would throw the system into violent change) ." This increase will have many affects on humans. The effects of global warming will throw human lifestyles. Agriculture would be thrown into turmoil.

Public heath could suffer. Rising seas could contaminate water supplies with salt. Stronger sunlight and warmer temperature could cause respiratory illness. Hot spells would be come more frequent leading to heat related deaths.

Warmer temperatures would widen the range of disease carrying rodents and mosquitoes. This increase of temperatures is happening at a pace that outstrips anything the earth has seen in the past 100 million years. Human will have a hard time adjusting to the increase. In the map Consequences of Global Warming it shows the different affects that global warming will have.

In North America many diseases have begin to appear in area such as the Midwest, and the eastern border. On the U. S east coast; the West Nile virus has already spread from New Hampshire to North Carolina. Crops are being destroyed in the U. S and Mexico especially because of rising temperatures could cut maize crops by 20% to 60%. Crops have also being affected in South America; In Brazil model project that populate Brazil could suffer from severe crop setbacks because of droughts.

In Africa, there was a 3 foot rise in sea level that could banish 4 million people. River flow along the Zambezi could fall steeply, disrupting crop production and possibly producing refugees. Many more Consequences have occurred in the world. We may not be able to stop the process entirely, but we can try to keep the climate from reaching a point that we can't stop it. If everyone in the world stop polluting and begin keeping their environment clean it would help. Global warming many not be stopped but it can be reduced..