All the world loved Princess Diana and she could not help but love them back. She invested her life in the poor, lonely, and sick as well as the rich and famous. Her loving spirit warmed those that she came in contact with and her charm and grace delighted the world. Princess Dianas glory and grace shed light upon many peoples lives, she will forever be our candle in the wind. Princess Diana was born July 1, 1961 at Park House on the Sandringham estate in North folk (web) Dianas parents were Frances Roche and John Viscount Al thorp (Diana 7). In 1954 the young couple commenced in marriage at Westminster Abby (Diana 7).

Diana was the third child to be born. All the children before Diana was born were girls and Dianas parents hoped that she would be a boy. Diana picked up on this and through out her life it gave her a sence of failure and guilt. (Diana 9) When Diana was at the tender age of six her parents split apart due to another man.

This also caused Diana deep pain and emotional uproar in her life. Diana was very bashful growing up, but she never lacked for attention. Her older sisters Jane and Sarah, saw that all Dianas needs were taken care of. In 1968 Diana went to Sil field School in Kings Lynn. There she took part in many activities such as basketball, tennis, hockey and croquet. When Diana was eight she changed schools to thither her education.

It was here that Diana blossomed into a woman and took the first steps toward her glamorous destiny (Diana 10). Young Diana wanted to be a ballerina but she was to tall and lanky to sweep accross the floor. This downfall did not stop Diana from dancing. She decided to try tap dancing and she was very good at it. Though their were sad times in Dianas child hood there were many happy time too. As a child sh never imagined the the triumph her future would hold.

(Diana 9, 10, 11) Was it Love at first sight or a carefully planed conspiracy by two royal grandmothers. The first time Prince Charles saw his future Princess was when he bumped into near her home in Norfolk. The short encounter with Diana Spencer left a lasting impression on the Prince. Dianas Grandmother lured the Prince into a weekend of shooting with Diana and her family. That girl Dianas jolly, amusing and quite attractive, Charles recalls telling his friends after the hunt (Diana 12). That weekend Diana not only caught Charles eye but she also caught his youger brother And ys attention also.

Andy invited Diana to the Royal Yacht. It was there Charles came into contact with Diana once again and he was hooked. While Courting Diana he took her sailing and for walks in the country. Diana is Keeping me young. Charles boasted to his friends, Ive got myself a winner! (Diana 14) It was officially announced on Febuary 24, 1981 that Lady Diana would marry The Prince of Wales. ( web) When Prince Charles asked Diana to marry him he didnt slip and engagement ring on her finger, as most grooms-to-be do.

Instead, she was taken to the Buckingham Place and presented with a tray of rings from the crown jewelers. Garrard, and told she could have her pick of any of the glittering and priceless gems on it! (Diana 51) David and Elizabeth started designing Dianas wedding dress in the spring of 1981 - after hiring 24- hour security guards and installing a safe in their London offices. Despite the secrecy, the couple found their waste baskets vanishing mysteriously. So they decided that, since the gown was ivory, all the scraps that were thrown into the trash would be white. Remnants from the real dress were burned in a bizarre torching ri the at the end of each day. (Diana 22) On July 29, 1981 Price Charles and Diana Spencer were wed at St Pauls Cathedral.

Over a million people watched the ceremony world wide. Princess Diana was the first Englishwoman to marry a heir to the throne for 300 years. ( web). Immaculately dressed Diana wore a silk taffeta dress with a 25 foot train designed by the E manual. Her veil was held in place by the Spencer Family diamond tiara.

( web). Her bouquet was of gardenias, lilies of the valley, white freesia, golden roses, white orchids and stephanotis. There were five bridesmaids. ( web). The Prince and Princess of Wales spent part of their honeymoon at the Mountbatten family home at Broad lands, Hampshire, before flying to Gibraltar to join the MY BRITANNIA for a 12-day cruise through the Mediterranean to Egypt. They finished their honeymoon with a stay at Balmoral.

(web) Princess Diana was disapointed on their honeymoon when she found out that Prince Charles was not the romantic man she thought him to be. On the cruise Charles brought along fishing tacked and many books. Diana assumed that they would read together and spent more time getting to know one another. This was only an assumption Charles read by himself and wanted to be alone more than he wanted to be with her (Diana 27). When Diana first reached Charles High grove home she hated it. Then she decided to do something about it and decorated it until she felt at home.

The Princess decorated the house with furinture in soft pastel hues and country antiques. The large, formal dining room was furnished with the most exquisite antiques, including a silver and gold dinner service from Russia valued at $250, 000 (Diana 32). The workers at Waterford crystal factory gave the Prince and Princess a china dinner service valued at $25, 000. (Diana 32) The Princess and her Prince slept on a specially- made mattress with one side hard for Charles, and the other soft for Diana (Diana 28).

Charles and Diana also swan in a extravagant pool paid for by the british army. Diana had a beautiful garden with many different flowers and the bulbs had been donated by different womens associations. (Diana 32) The Princess had finally made the dark and gloomy mansion that she once disliked a wonderful and warm home. Princess Diana loved her children with a boundless spirit that was given generously and freely. It imposed no conditions, made no demands. (Diana 34) On June 21, 1982 Princess Diana had her first son Prince Willam.

Prince William was born at St. Marys hospital in london, he was the first of the monarch to be born out side the walls of the palace (web). When the Queen saw the tiny bundle after his birth, she smiled at Diana and said: Well, thank goodness he doesnt have ears like his father. (Diana 34) Prince William began his education at Mrs. Mynors Nursery School in London. Prince Willam showed leadership qualities at a young age.

To say the least Prince William was not at all shy. Prince Willam had a happy childhood and was educated well when he was five years old he enrolled at Weatherby School in Notting Hill. At eight years of age Prince Willam goes to Lugrove boarding School. (web).

September 15. 1984 Princess Diana gave birth to Henry Charles Albert Windsor the young prince was later nicknamed Harry. Prince Harry was much more reserved than his older brother. The royal couple decided that Harry should follow in Willam footsteps education wise.

In 1987 he was enrolled at Mrs. Mynors Nursery School previously attend by Prince William. (web) At age five Prince Harry is enrolled at Wetherby School in Notting Hill and at the age of eight Harry begins Lugrove boarding school. (web). In the eye of the public both Princes had a successful and happy childhood. The most happiest times in Princess Diana life was the times she spent with her children.

The first public sign that Prince Charles and Princess Diana mariage was unraveling was at a polo game. Diana presented the prizes adn Charles went to kiss her on the cheek, as he had done dozens of times after a match. But this time Diana deliberately turned away, and 100 cameras caught the moment as Charles pursed lips met only thin air. (Diana 57) The public noticed that Princess Diana and Prince Charles fairy tale mariage was in trouble. From that point on she and Charles would dine at separate tables, lead separate lives.

There was a yawning gulf between them. There would be no going back. It was over. (Diana 57) Although the mariage was crumbling Diana never stoped fighting to save it. She had vowed till death do us part and she was going to do everything in her power to keep that vow. Her Prince had taken a lover and turned to a cold.

unfeeling frog right before her unbelieving eyes. And the nightmare of her disillusionment drove her to the depths of despair and threatened her health. (Diana 58) In the early stages of her mariage Diana seemed happy. After Prince Willam was born to keep a figure that would please her husband she went to extre am measures and had a battle with bulimia. Around 1986 I knew that my husband had renewed his relationship with Mrs. Parker Bowles, but I wasnt in a position to do anythin about it.

I was very aware of the relationship call it a womans instinct. (Diana 60) In 1993 Prince Charles and Princess Diana were separated. Prince Charles was not the only one in the relationship to commit adultery. Princess Diana was desperate for love, and gave her heart to Hewitt.

Three months after she found proof of her husbands affair with Camilla Parker Bowles. Hewitt was sent to the Gulf War as a tank commander and Princess Diana wrote him everyday telling him the most intimate details of her soul. Hewitt was showing the notes to his military comrades and laughing about the whole affair. (Diana 62) Princess Diana was devastated when she learned of Hewitt cold-blooded behavior.

But the worst was yet to come. (Diana 62) Hewitt Co- Authored a kiss and tell book which earned him $4. 7 million dollars. Hewitt then disappeared to France with his money. Princess Diana was still in need of the love her heart so desperately longed for and she thought she met a wonderful man named James Gilbey.

To her dismay Mr. Gilbey was not what he had seemed to be. The Affair ended over the phone. The Princess was once again broken hearted.

(Diana 62) On February 28, 1996 the world knew that Diana had agreed to the divorce Prince Charles wanted. The terms of the split were made public a few weeks later. Diana got almost $40 million in cash and property, and the Queen dipped into her own bank account to finance the deal. In return, Diana had to agree to be stripped of the title Her Royal Family hoped their problem child would now simply fade away into oblivion.

(Diana 65) Though the divorce was a trying time our candle in the wind continued to proceed with her life. Princess Diana was the most beautiful good Samaritan the world has ever seen and she transformed millions of lives with her compassion. (Diana 91) The faces of the downtrodden lite up when they touched the slim soft hands of Princess Diana. The new career for the dazzling Princess would include many dangerous missions but Diana didnt mind for she new her courage would help someone who was suffering.

She visited troops in war torn Bosnia, earing body armor to tour old battlefields in protest against random a maiming by land mines. (Diana 66) Diana was a deeply caring woman and did great thing to make the public aware of the suffering AIDS causes. She took victims in her arms. She hugged them. She kissed them. She whispered words of encouragement as they lay dying.

She helped them prepare for their long journey. (Diana 66) In June 1997, Diana auctioned off 79 of her evening gowns at Christies in New York, an event that made a total of more than $5. 7 million for AIDS and cancer funds (web) Princess Diana met with many world figures from President Clinton to Mother Teresa. With these important people she discussed the importance of her charity work. Although Princess Diana is know for her work with the poor her wardrobe was truly fit for a princess. Princess Diana was a trendsetter for women everywhere.

If the public got a peek into Princess Dianas closet the color that would recoccor most often would be red. Princess Diana Loved red. (Diana 48) She was the lady in red and she took the world by storm. (Diana 48) Not only did Diana have ravishing outfits but she also had a quite extravagant collection of jew les. Diana was frequently seen sporting an exquisite choker made of a sapphire and diamond brooch on multiple strands of pearls. One of the many wedding gifts received by the Princess of Wales from the royal family includes a choker, made of hundreds of full -cut, flawless white diamonds and valued at $185, 000.

(Diana 50) The last few months of Dianas life was a cloud of happiness. She had finally found the love she longed for her whole life in the arm of a strong man named Dodi. Dodi was given a strict allow nace of $100, 000 a month, he was also provided with access to the family jets, 190 foot yacht and 11 luxury homes around the world. In the final hours of Dianas life Dodi gave her a dimond engagement ring. Would Diana be happy as the wife of Dodi Faced Certainly! (Diana 68) Diana told all of her close friends of the love and companion ship that she found in Dodi.

On August 31, 1997 at 12: 35 in the morning, the mercedes carrying Diana and Dodi entered a tunnel under the Place de I Alma in Paris. The driver lost control and struck a cement pylon. Dodi died instantly, Diana lingered for a few more hours before dying in the hospital. The fight was over. (Diana 68) Stars Share the painful moment they learned Diana was dead.

Sophia Loren: I was sitting at home in my New York penthouse with my son, Eduardo, and my husband, Carlo. The T. V. was on and the news bulletin broke in, saying Princess Diana had died in that terrible accident. I cried when I heard the news. I had met her several times, at social functions, and to me she was a tremendous woman.

Carlo was also upset, as he was very fond of Diana. I just couldnt believe she was gone, so suddenly and senselessly. The three of us sat glued to the televison. Jay Leno: I was at home in Beverly Hills. I had just gone out to dinner with my wife, Mavis, and I was sitting in my living room, writting jokes for my next days monologue and waiting for my co-writers to show up at the house, which they do nearly every night. Mavis came in, very upset, and said she had just heard Diana was in a terrible car crash we watched the news together and then heard the terrible news that Diana had died.

My God, I will never forget how shocked I felt when I heard the news. It was so unbelievable. Ivana Trump: I was appearing live on my Home Shopping Network on Canadian televison when I learned of Princess Dianas death. I was so overcome with greif, I couldnt stop the tears from welling up in my eyes, I had to leave the air. I couldnt belive that I would never share a smile or a confidence with my dear friend again. I couldnt sleep that night I stayed awake, watched the T.

V. news and drank coffe. I sent a telegram to the Royal Family expressing my sorrow. But now I feel Diana is at peace. (Diana 69) The world was greif stricken when they learned of Dianas death and flower poured out side the gates of Buckingham Palace. On September 6, 1997 in London hundred of thousands of people left there homes early to watch Dianas final journey.

2. 5 billion -half of the worlds population- followed her funeral on television or radio. The body of Diana left her home at 9: 08 am. Her coffin was topped with flowers and a card that read the word Mummy. There were many famous world leaders at the Princesses funeral.

Elton John sang a song written especially for Diana and Earl Spencer delivered a eulogy. Although Diana has passed on she will forever live in her sons. (Diana 80, 81, 85) Dianas journey upon the earth was brief. She will remain as a shining example of a lovely princess to the world. Her many works of charity will remain as monuments to her brief life. She was a brief but bright flame..