In consideration of the granting, for the purpose of expediting payment, by the Board Extension of Contract Time, of an extension of contract time fixed in Contract Reg. No. : for completion of the work therein specified, we agree to and hereby waive and release any and all claims, including but not limited to, damages for delay or any other cause which we may have against the City of New York, arising out of the aforesaid contract, except for the following delay caused by change of design. We will at the time of request for an extension of time for a substantial or final payment, prepare and furnish a verified itemized statement of claims in accordance with terms of the contract.

In connection with the application for extension of contract time for performances of Contract No. : we agree that neither the fact of the granting of the application for the extension of time, the papers or records on which it is granted, nor the application itself, shall be referred to or offered in evidence by the undersigned of their attorneys in any action or proceeding between them and the City; the granting of such extension of time shall not be asserted or claimed by us or our attorneys to be, or to be any evidence of, any admission on the part of the City that any of the facts stated in said application or extension of time are true, or as constituting any evidence of their truth. It is understood that the City of New York does not, if the application for an extension of time should be granted, waive or release any claim it may have against the Contractor whether it be for actual or liquidated damages for any reason what so ever.