FBI Warns Infrastructure Vulnerable to Cyber-Attacks Ronald L. Dick said that a cyder-attack seriously could damage the nation's economy without closer cooperation among federal agencies and better coordination between corporate America and the FBI-led, multi-agency National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC). Dick, who introduced a new, high-level NIPC team including representatives from the CIA and the Defense Department, said there are about 1, 400 active investigations into cyder-crime with the number mounting daily. Dick concurred about the need for improved cooperation among federal agencies.

The private sector also has established industry groups of its own in technology, telecommunications, financial services and other sectors that interact with the FBI and the NIPC. Dick, who studied accounting in college but has investigated everything from violent crimes to drug crimes to financial fraud, most recently headed the NIPC's computer investigations unit. Dick is replacing Michael Vat is, the founding head of the NIPC, who left the FBI recently to pursue opportunities in the private sector. I think that this could be a real problem considering that they are aiming at federal facilities and electrical power plants. If someone was to shut down a electrical power plant it could cause a lot of problems. It would probably cause powers outages for miles around and piss off a lot of people, not including the amounts of frozen goods that could be ruined.

If they attacked a federal facility they could get a hold of peoples private documents amongst other things they shouldn't be able to see unless otherwise authorized. I think the FBI should put fourth more effort to stop this. Source Internet (Computer News Daily - By David A Vise, Washington Post, WASHINGTON, DC, USA, 20 Mar 2001, 7: 30 PM).