about socrates and his example of in ate knowledge from the cave Human beings in general can sometimes be like the prisoners in the cave as Socrates claims because, in a way humans tend to think and operate based on second-hand information. Today in recent times, news such as the war in Iraq or politics can be related to the men carrying the vessels in Socrates's story. Both the men carrying the vessels and current news today happen where the majority of people are unable to see what is really happening and they end up getting a filtered version of the story or a second-hand version of the story that maybe false. The fire and the news broadcasters are related because they both control what is being displayed. News broadcasters may only display parts of a story that would make someone or something look bad or good. Both the news viewers and prisoners are unable to see what is really going on.

They have to make their opinions based on the second-hand information which they are given. That is how humans today and the prisoners of the cave are alike. escaped and returned back to the cave maybe mocked by the other prisoners. The prisoners would have believed that the upper world would have caused him to lose his sight if he was asked to measure the shadows immediately after returning from the upper level, when his eyes were still weak from adjusting. Humans in general might have looked for another reason too why the prisoner was unable to measure the shadows. Humans are unlike the prisoners of the cave because humans generally tend to believe and accept more new information instead of rejecting it.

Socrates believes that the individual prisoner who had.