Hatchet By- Gary Paulsen Time Line- Brian Robeson's parents get divorce- Brain boards a plane to go to his dad' house- The pilot of the plane gives flying lessons to Brain- The pilot has a heart attack and dies- Brain takes over the plane and crashes it into the Canadian woods- Brain is stranded- Brain explores the woods; finds berries and eats them; gets very ill- Brain makes himself shelter- Brain comes encounter with a porcupine: the porcupine attacks his legs causing Brain severe pain- Brain makes fire with a stone and his hatchet- He finds eggs and eats them- Brain waves to a plane that is flying over but the plane does not see him and keeps one going right pass Brain - Brain loses hope and tries to commit suicide but he survives- Brain finally catches a fish; he makes himself a feast- Brain is sprayed but a skunk in the middle of the night; temporally Brain goes blind- Brain catches his first thing of meat; but while cleaning his meat a moose attacks him, injuring Brian's ribs and his shoulder- Then a tornado passes through; destroying Brian's shelter- Brain sees the crashed plane and get an idea to capture the survival pack; to do this Brain builds a raft- After many tries Brain gets the pack from the plane - Brain dropped the hatchet in the lake but dives in and gets it- Brain gets sick in the water when he sees the pilot- The next day Brain opens the survival kit to find many useful things- Brain first cooks the food from the kit- While eating a plane lands and rescues Brain from the woods.