Ely atan Marcus September 21, 20018 B English Period #5 The Wolf Who Wanted a Friend One day I was walking through the meadow, feeling very sad and lonely. I wanted a friend to spend time with. My mother sent me out to play, but I couldn't find anyone to play with. I looked everywhere until I came to a house made out of straw. I knocked on the straw door, and a little pig answered and told me to go away! I thought that was very rude of him.

I told the little pig that I wanted to come inside and play. The little pig said, 'Not by the hairs of my c hinny chin chin!' I was so sad. Just as I was about to walk away my dumb allergies started acting up. I sneezed so hard that I blew the house down. The little pig ran away and I ran after him, trying to tell him I was sorry. He ran to his brother's house and I knocked again.

This time they both told me to go away. I almost cried! I just wanted to play with them. They told me, 'Not by the hairs of our c hinny, chin, chin!' I turned to walk away and just then, I sneezed so hard that my hat blew off my head. I turned back to get my hat and sneezed again! This time I blew the house of sticks down. I was so embarrassed! My friends, the pigs, came running out of the rubble, and scampered away. I ran after them to ask if they wanted to play catch.

They ran into another house. This one was really nice. It was made out of bricks. I knocked on the door and they told me to go away again! I started to cry. When I cry a lot, I sneeze a lot. I sneezed and sneezed and sneezed some more.

I heard them laugh at me! I started to get mad and wanted to tell them to stop, so I climbed on to the roof of their house and tried to yell into their chimney, but I slipped and fell right in. When I dropped into their house, they tried to cook me alive! I was very afraid. I was stuck into a big black pot and they started to slice carrots into the boiling water that I was sitting in. I realized that these pigs were very uncouth and discourteous. I guess they really didn't want to be friends..