In modern day life, people have many rights and freedoms that they can claim by being citizens of the United States of America. The citizens of the United States are to abide by the laws and regulations set by the government, but they also have many privileges that help them to prosper and live a happy life. In George Orwell's book, 1984, the citizens of London are troubled by the horrific laws that are made by the ruling class, called the Party. The Party sets many laws, and uses mind control to make the people believe that there is no way of life other than abiding by the rules of Big Brother. The people of London could very easily overthrow the Party and gain their independence by creating a stand against the Party, demanding their rights from Big Brother, and fighting for their right of freedom.

The people of London could very easily create a plan to make the Party less powerful. The occupants of London could stop following the rules of the Party, and start living as regular human beings. The citizens could stop fearing the Thought Police, and make a stand to demolish the whole empire known as Big Brother. The men and women have one way that could almost assure themselves of overthrowing the Party; create a revolt against Big Brother itself.

The people could all get together, go to Big Brother to demand that they have their rights and that they can live a happy life if they please to do so. They can insist that Big Brother listen to every word that they have to say. If Big Brother does not care to listen to the people's demands, then the people could be forced to take matters into their own hands. The number of citizens in the city of London must out-number the sum of members in the party, therefore creating a reasonable probability of being able to fight for their rights. Drastic training and extensive conditioning could get the people of London in shape to overthrow the Party.

If the people would get together and create a plan to fight against Big Brother, the Thought Police, and the rest of the Party, they could very easily destroy the empire and gain their freedom. These days, achieving freedom, rather than abiding by the laws that are made by our governments, is not as crucial. The occupants of London could very easily try to achieve the rights that they deserve as human beings. By creating their stand against the Party, standing up to the powerful Big Brother, and standing up for their independence, the people of London can achieve the liberties that they deserve.

The people can attain the freedom and goals that can help them to live a great and prosperous life.