For the most part, the American peoples views are greatly formed by what the media shows. In addition, most of what the media gives the people is propaganda. In the article, Theories of an Ignorant Arab-Islamic Culture Only Sere to Broaden Dangerous Delusions, by Rime Allaf, states that America is not the sleeping giant like it was so called during World War II but the people are dormant and arrogant to realize what is really going on. The US government has been extremely active in international affairs for many years now using the tax dollars of the American people. However, unknown to the people the dollars have been used in the most bewildering political scenarios and towards the most brutal injustices (Allaf 1). However, he does not state what the money really has been used for making his statement vague and unconvincing.

But to some the terrorist attacks in no way are related to what the US government used their spending on. The result of Islams jealousy of the West, of the poor peoples envy of rich America. (1). This means that 6, 000 peoples lives were wasted just because the Islam people were jealous of the rich American people. Even President George W. Bush stated that attackers cant stand the freedom and what he said was not challenged by anyone (1).

Not just political powers think this. CBS anchor Dan Rather, on his recent appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman, stated that the Middle East felt angry because they see themselves as the worlds losers They see us, we have everything. We in everything They hate us for who and what we are. Nevertheless, with these statements made by important people in society, resentment forms. The American people are lead to believe these most absurd claims by some of the most noticeable people that the American people look up to for guidance (1-2). So these messages lead even farther that for the people to believe that the terrorists speak for the complet Islamic community.

In addition, anyone of Islamic belief is therefore evil and criminals. However, those statements are prejudice themselves. Allaf tried to show that what with those statements made that hate crimes will be increased and ridding terrorism will be impossible to do so. Achieving justice of any kind will hinder any kind of international understanding. One of the hidden agendas of media is to show the masses that there are hostile differences between the East or Islam and the West or Judeo-Christian. Also showing the pictures of Arabs and Muslims celebrating after the attacks were trying to show that all, not just the 1%, of all Arabs and Muslims believe this (2).

By only showing one side of the coin, people in authority create resentment between different ethnicity (3). Therefore, it is up to the American people to seek the truth of what is really going on in the world around them. The people are the one who should seek out and get the facts right for themselves. In addition, the media is responsible in delivering the truth and the correct information to the people. But with what Allaf is trying to say that the American government is arrogate on whats going on in the world and helping with the hatred between the groups, he also being arrogant himself. He does not show the other side of the coin either and is being hypercritical.

Just like with the groups and what the government has tried to solve these problems of miscommunication. He did not spend the time in showing what Islamic groups have done to help the hate crimes. All the blame is put on the political and news worthy people of the society.