According to William Styron (Poet), he sees depression as a fertile muse. Over a period of time, it became acceptable t o publicly confide vulnerability to depression, due to the fact that William Styron had had publicly admitted how he overcame depression, which brought him near to madness. There then became a flood of drugs such as Paxil, Prozac, Serotonin etc. on the drug market.

However, despite this influx of medicines on the drug market, researchers has sought a revised view of depression. Researchers has found that stress ^a EUR" related events may kick-off 50% of all depression and early life stress can prime people for later depression. It is also noted that depression is not just a disorder from the neck up but involves body systems which can lead to heart disease in healthy adults. Depression appears to hold the very soul hostage with lack of sleep, energy, loss of interest in food, lack of interest in sex etc.

According to Richard Davidson, professor of psychology, at the University of Wisconsin, depressed people appear to have a power failure in their pre-frontal cortex, which is the brain area, just behind the forehead, therefore, persons depressed cannot maintain goals or stay attuned to rewards. In critique of this report, it is apparent that depression can be seen as a major health risk and also a silent killer. I agree to some extent to the contents of this report as everyday there are different results and cures regarding this topic. Sources: Psychology Today. P 30-34, Depression: Beyond Serotonin. March/April Vol.

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