Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bront " chapter Summaries Chapter I- We learn that Jane Eyre is an orphan who lives with her cruel aunt Mrs. Reed. A bully John throws a book at Jane Eyre and her suppressed anger from over the years explodes in a rage attacking the bully. Chapter II-Jane gets locked in the red room where Mr. Reeds' brother died. Chapter III-The last chapter ended with Jane knocked out and she woke up very confused and terrified.

Chapter IV-In this chapter Jane finds the courage to stand up to her cruel aunt. Jane exposes her aunt for all the cruelty and injustice she has done to Jane. Bessie then later gives advice to Jane saying she needs to be more bold and stick up for what she believes in. Chapter V-Jane starts her long journey Lowood. Ms. Temple is the only one who wishes Jane farewell.

Jane thinks to herself that the fifty mile journey to Lowood seems endless. Chapter VI-In this chapter Jane finally makes to Lowood and at the time it's a cold, gloomy place. She befriends a young girl named Helen Burns who has went through many things like Jane such as Jane's Mrs. Reed Helen had her Ms.

Scatchered. Chapter VII-Winter worsens and get colder. Jane's teacher Mrs. Brocklehurst returns after three weeks of absence. Jane also walks to miles to church on Sunday with minimal clothing. Chapter VIII-Helen and Ms.

Temple have a discussion about different lands and mountains. Jane growing up with no kind of education in her life is fascinated by all these new things she is learning. Chapter IX-Spring comes to the town of Lowood. Typhus strikes the orphanage witch Jane is out and many children die.

Jane also befriends a new girl named Mary Ann Wilson. Janes friend Helen Burns also passes in this chapter as a result of Typhus. Chapter X-In this chapter eight years have passed. Jane finishes school in the six of out the eight years and in the other two Jane stayed at Lowood to be a teacher. Ms. Temple leaves the school to go get married.

Chapter XI-Jane acquires a job as a governess and leaves Lowood. She arrives at the Milcote inn where she waits to meet with her new employer Mr. Rochester. Chapter XII-Jane arrives at her new house where she works out thorn fields.

She finds it very boring a quite. Mr. Rochester falls off of a horse and she gets kinship from her employer Mr. Rochester.

Chapter XIII-Mr. Rochester in this chapter has a very in depth conversation with Mr. Rochester who asks much about Janes previous life. Chapter XIV-In this chapter Mr. Rochester shows some affection for Jane by asking her if she thinks hes handsome and Jane replies with a very blunt answer NO! Chapter XV-In this chapter we meet Mr.

Rochesters French mistress Celine Valens an opera dancer. Mr. Rochester has lost his love and affection for his mistress. Mr. Rochesters bed catches fire and Jane puts it out and we see more affection toward Jane from Mr. Rochester.

Chapter XVI-We find out the fire started by a lit candle that Mr. Rochester had forgotten to extinguish. Chapter XVII-Mr. Rochester leaves for a ten day period. Blanche thinks he may have left for a year. We find out that Blanche loves Mr.

Rochester and will never stop loving him. Chapter XVIII-Mr. Rochester is back and we catch all the Thornfields employees enjoying a nice game of charades. He asks Jane to play, but she refuses.

Jane and Mr. Rochester go back to Milcote meeting an upsetting man named Mr. Mason. Then they meet a gypsy women that tells fortunes for Blanche next to get there fortune told is Jane. Chapter XIX-Jane Feel a strangeness in the gypsy, but is quite curious to know her fortune. The gypsy exposes Janes feeling for Mr.

Rochester. Mr. Rochester wants to discuss what Jane and the Gypsy talked about, but she refuses to talk to Mr. Rochester about it because it will expose her feelings about him. Chapter XX-In this chapter someone attacked Mr. Mason at Thornfields Mr.

Rochester Finds him on the ground bleeding and unconscious. He summons Jane to clean up the blood. We find out that a lady in disguise named Grace Poole has Knocked out Mr. Mason and bit him. Mr. Rochester see a man by the barn and he tells Jane to tell the man that Mr.

Mason Has already left. Chapter XXI-We find out that John reed has committed suicide and Jane must leave right away. Mr. Rochester makes her promise that she will come back to Thornfields.

With great difficulty Mr. Rochester tells Jane goodbye. After all these years she talks to Mrs. Reed again and Mrs. Reed still shows no affection for Jane. Jane Misses Mr.

Rochester so much see draws a portrait of him which gives her great comfort. At the end Mrs. Reed apologizes to Jane for the past, but she still passes away hating Jane no one mourns Mrs. Reeds death.

Chapter XXII-In this chapter Jane returns to Thornfields and is very happy to be back and being able to see Mr. Rochester. Jane finds out that Blanche and Mr. Rochester have planned a wedding. Chapter XXIII-In this chapter Jane takes a walk in the garden only to see Mr. Rochester.

Mr. Rochester says he loves Jane and kisses her, but Jane Protests by saying he belongs to someone else. Then Mr. Rochester asks Jane to marry him she thinks hes kidding, but he is serious and Jane says yes.

Chapter XXIV-Jane feeling different with love. Gives all her money to a beggar women. Mr. Rochester adores Janes stubbornness and her independence. Chapter XXV-This chapter is the night before the wedding and Jane is so shocked shes going to be Mrs.

Rochester she cannot go to sleep. Jane sees a dark long haired complexion in her closet the women pops out and Jane faints she thinks it was Grace Poole. Chapter XXVI-The day of the wedding comes but it cannot be carried out, because we find out Mr. Rochester is already married to Mr. Masons sister. Chapter XVII-Jane knows she must leave Thornfields know but still does not want to leave the company of Mr.

Rochester Jane forgives him. Jane wants to go away with Mr. Rochester. That doesn't end up happening and Jane goes away she pays a coach to take her as far away as possible. Chapter XVIII-Jane wanders off to a unknown village where for a couple of days she is without shelter then St. John takes her in.

Chapter XXIX-In this chapter St. John swears to help Jane find a job. St. John is very curious about Janes past. Chapter XXX-St. John says he wants to leave and he finds Jane her Employment.

Chapter XXXI-Jane moves into a new cottage. Where she decided to teach. She thinks about Mr. Rochester while teaching and ends up crying.

Chapter XXXII-Janes begins to enjoy her new pupils very much. Jane advises St. John to marry Rosamond but will not because she doesn't have the same dream of becoming a missionary. Chapter XXXIII-Jane finally has the strength to talk to St.

John about her past with Mr. Rochester. Chapter XXXIV-Christmas is right around the corner and Jane must leave now she says bye to all of her students. Jane Tries to find out what's going on with Mr. Rochester by writing the employees of Thornfields, but no letter comeback six months pass. Chapter XXXV-St.

John says Jane is destined for hell and he prays for her. Then suddenly Jane hears Mr. Rochesters voice calling for her, but no one is there. Chapter XXXVI-Jane leaves finally and walks thirty-six hours she is two miles from Thornfields she has great temptations of seeing Mr. Rochester. She went to Thornfields hoping not to be seen.

She hears that Thornfields has fell apart and Mr. Rochesters wife went mad and jumped off the roof. Chapter XXXVII-Mr. Rochester and Jane are reunited in this chapter and Jane promises to marry him. Chapter XXXVIII-Jane Marries Mr. Rochester and live at Thornfields Happily ever after.

Character Descriptions Jane Eyre-She a kind and strong hearted orphan girl. As we read along in the book we see her go through many phases. They all help her to become and strong and independent women in the end of the book. Mr.

Rochester-He is a tall rich owner of thorn fields. Jane described him to have a strong build and a Geek face. At first Mr. Rochester was a little cold, but as the story developed he became more kind hearted and warm toward Jane.

Central Conflict The central conflict in this story is that a orphan girl Jane has went through many hardships. She thinks she found love within Mr. Rochester and wants to marry him. Then Jane finds out that he is already married. So she goes away only to go back several months later to be happily reunited with Mr. Rochester.

Vocabulary Chapter IIA dreary silence fell over. Dreary-Having nothing likely to provide cheer comfort or interest. It's very dreary outside. Chapter VII The children spend an hour outdoors with insufficient clothing; they get chilblains.

Chilblains-An inflammatory sore or swelling." Josh you better get inside before you get chilblains" said mother Chapter XI Her acceptance of his mirthless laugh. Mirthless-Gladness or gaiety as shown by or accompanied by laughter. You seem to be very mirthless today. Chapter XIII And though abrupt. Abrupt-characterized by or involving action or change without preparation or warning.

Please be abrupt about what you are doing. Chapter XV He tells her how he learned of her duplicity. Duplicity-contradictory doubleness of thought, speech, or action; especially: the belying of one's true intentions by deceptive words or action The duplicity of the matter is amazing. Chapter XX Protests that god ordain. Ordain-to invest officially (as by the laying on of hands) with ministerial or priestly authority. Please ordain this cup.

Chapter XXI Unreasonable temperament. Temperament-the peculiar or distinguishing mental or physical character determined by the relative proportions of the humors according to medieval physiology b: characteristic or habitual inclination or mode of emotional response c: extremely high sensibility; especially: excessive sensitiveness or irritability Your temperament amazes me. Chapter XXIII The man kept on wooing her. Wooing-to solicit or entreat especially with importunity I would appreciate it if you would stop wooing her. Chapter XXV It was with great desolation. Desolation-a: to deprive of inhabitants b: to lay waste This place is full of desolation.

Chapter IIIIt's a very Morbid situation. Morbid-abnormally susceptible to or characterized by gloomy or unwholesome feelings it's a morbid situation.