Why Band? It's a question we all ask ourselves from time to time: 'Why am I doing this? Is it really worth it?' For band directors, the question comes up a little more FREQUENTLY. The long rehearsals, hours of preparation and planning. Budget, buses and banged up tubas. Counseling and consoling. Lesson planning to tour planning.' Why are you doing this?' Someone asked me once, 'It's only band'. It's only band? Studies show that those high school students least likely to be involved with drugs are band students.

Six separate national independent studies showed students with four years of instrumental music scored 40-50% higher on their Math and English Sat scores that non -music students who had equal scores four years earlier. 'Why' Music is the only subject that encompasses all seven learning intelligences. Music is one of only two subjects that 'connects' the two independent sides of the brain -logical and creative. Similar studies showed that band students attend more regularly. They participate in their classrooms, look forward to and actually like school.

They become more focused, more disciplined. An educated person is less likely to end up in jail, impaired by addictions, or homeless. Band teaches life skills. Where independent thinking is the model in most academic classrooms, teamwork is essential in band. Band students learn to work with and for each other.

The three R's in band include Respect, Responsibility, & Reliability. Our students learn to appreciate one another for their individual talents and their contributions to the organization as a whole. They learn positive social skills -the most important factor in our program -where we teach such qualities as confidence, pride, and self esteem; all values that will serve these young people well throughout the course of their life. Citizenship, team motivational skills / leadership skills, time management, organization skills, dependability, and honesty are instilled into band members. Band teaches students to face challenges and strive to reach higher and higher goals. Band is family.

When your student walks onto campus, he or she is instantly adopted into the strongest society on campus. They will be spending their school days among the top achievers on campus, with fellow students who look out for one another and steer each other away from trouble instead of towards it. Teachers, staff, parents, and volunteers watch over all the kids as if they were their own. We share our smiles and frustrations, our victories, and triumph s, as well as our disappointments.

So... Why am I doing this? Why teach band? Because we hope to leave an impression on these kids that will serve them for the rest of their lives. We " ll watch them graduate and leave our family as they mature into young adults. They " ll grow to be responsible citizens who contribute to our society. What value is band? Look at their smiles, their joy and their accomplishments.' Why am I doing this?' You know why -they " re our kids..