Uganda and Iraq are two small countries that depend mostly on the resources that the land gives them. This two countries are quite small and poor but are states that have lot's of raw materials and lots of exports. Uganda and Iraq, both countries economies make profit of their exports, while only acquiring a very small amount of imports to produce them. Uganda is a very small country that its economy is largely depended of agriculture. This country. Although Uganda is small and has farming as it principal cash income many other nations give economic cooperation to Uganda such, Kenya and Tanzania.

The country of Uganda has significant natural resources, including ample fertile lands, regular rainfall, and mineral deposits. This countries Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is approx. $6. 1 billion, or $310 capita. Iraq is a country that we now mostly by the Golf war. Iraq is a country that depends mostly on the export of petroleum to other nations also agriculture is another resource of income that this country has.

Dates is the chief export crop that this country has. Most of all of the economic institutions are either owned or controlled by the government. This country's economy suffered losses by the fault of the golf war which left the country with a $75 billion foreign debt. Iraq and Uganda are two different countries that have lots of things in common. They both are rich on natural resources and rely on exports while their imports are low which helps their economy. Although they are almost the same Iraq's economy suffered major downfalls during the Golf War, which left it with a huge debt, and because of this Uganda is a wealthier country than Iraq considering the size and the exports of each..