To write a story, an author must take in consideration all aspects of the world he is creating for us to imagine. Choplin's 'The Storm'; however, takes the setting of a story to a different level, the setting can be said to take on a life of it's own, and to manipulate the two characters into passion with one another. In 'The Storm'; , Choplin uses the quick intensity of the weather to symbolize, and provoke the relationships and actions of the character's in the story. An author has complete control over his or her story: the setting, the weather, location, characters, the list could go on and on. So it's important that the reader pick up on every aspect that the author has created, because, the author has intended for it to be that way, and to help round out the story. This is especially important with the way the actions between Calixta and Alcee relate to a storm that had started almost as soon as Alcee rode up on his horse.

As Alcee stands on the porch, (the actual text notes that he had no intention of walking inside the house), the water beat through the boards forcing Alcee to enter the house. The water even went so far as to actually follow Alcee into the house, to the point where it was necessary to put something beneath the door to keep the water out. More instances where the storm relates with the characters is when Calixta is looking out the window, and a lightning bolt strikes a tree, and causes Calixta to fall into the arms of Alcee, foreshadowing the passion that is to come later between the two. Also, it introduces them to their lust for each other, which not only foreshadows what it to come, but, it also initiates them into their path to love making. Another aspect is the fact that when the storm begins to fade away, the story notes that at this point it invites them to sleep, but they dare not stop what they were doing. This is a crucial part in the story, it is where the two characters do not yield to what the storm has suggested.

At this part, they take over and let nothing stop them. Finally, the storm ends, and Alcee leaves. This suggests the storm represented passion, and when the passion was over, Alcee departs just a fast as he came. In conclusion, This story was half told by the elements of the setting, the storm, from making sure Alcee got into the door, to the point of pushing Calixta into his arms. The storm aided the two along the entire way, and even left when Alcee did. This example of writing puts the fact of choice of the way a story is told into perspective.

Not only does an author map out the story using the dialogue and a description of character's actions, he puts life into the atmosphere, in this case, so much life it controlled the characters.