Beowulf: Lifelong Warrior Beowulf came from a family with a legacy of warriors. Not only was he a great warrior for the Gets but he was also a great person who wanted to help others with his great fighting ability. The greatest example is how he became the hero of the Danes. Beowulf along with his best warrior friends journeyed to help save the Danes from the evil Grendle. Beowulf really had no reason to do this except for the face that he felt called to do it. He just had the qualities of a hero in his blood.

All he wanted to do was save the lives of the Danes and help them to live in a fair society. In order to do this he had to come defeat Grendle which he did. He defeats many other enemies of the Danes and is later crowned a warrior king. Beowulf became the best leader that the Danes ever had and rules justly for fifty years.

But strangely enough when Beowulf gets on top of the world he later realizes that this isn't what he wanted to do at all. His success was unparalleled and had everything in the world that he would ever need. Beowulf was just not meant to lead a people he was meant to save the people through his amazing physical skills. He cannot stay away from battle and when the call of battle comes he assumes the role readily. This may be the single biggest mistake that Beowulf ever made because him getting killed by Hrothgar cost all of his people that loved him.

The no longer had that leader that they could look up to and know they were safe in the hands of. Beowulf did achieve as much as he ever could have wished though. He wanted to save the Danes and he did through doing what he did best. Then to rule them successfully for fifty years just made his experience mean twice as much. Once again even in his death Beowulf sets the example for whoever ruled after him. He was willing to do anything for the people that weren't even truly his.

He was willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice in death to save the Danes once again from the hands of evil. This I believe was the achievement of a lifetime for Beowulf. Lofgeornost was met when he laid down his life for his people and the deeply appreciated him for it. Being killed is a tragic ending of a great leaders life, but it is as well the way that fit Beowulf the most, doing what he loved, fighting and dying for his people.