Richie Lord 10/15/2000 ENC 1101 Song Lyrics What are they saying "My Own Prison" by the group Creed is a very moving and inspirational song. The reason it is an inspirational song is because it has an excellent meaning. The author of the song Scott Sapp, one of the members of the band, had a hard life and is expressing his feeling about his life in this song. This song is the result of his hard life up to the point when he wrote the song. "My Own Prison" is the title track of their first album, also called "My Own Prison," so the significance of this song to Scott is very apparent. After blaming the world and even God for his problems, he finally sat down and realized it was his fault the entire time.

He was the one who made the wrong decisions. The song talks about how he created his own prison by the things he did and decisions he made. How he put himself in the places he is in and it is only his fault. The setting is in a courtroom and he is the only one in the room and he realizes that it is his entire fault. The structure of the language is based on him putting himself in the courtroom and judging himself, he is the defendant and the judge in this situation. Meaning that he judges himself and realizes he does not like what he sees and must change something.

"A lion roars in the darkness... Only he holds the key... A light to free me from my burden... And grant me eternally," at this point in the song he is referring to God as the lion and only God can help him now.

At the end of the song he says, "I cry out to God... Seeking only his decision." When he says this he is saying that he needs Gods help because he cannot do it without him. He is hiding the hate that he has inside because he does not want to break his pride. He is to proud to admit that he is not happy so he keeps going on how things are until he can not take it anymore and he must do somethin about it. Basically the whole song is how he messed up his life and cannot fix it without God. This song is a very good song, I think, because it speaks a very powerful message.

This is a perfect example of how someone's pride can cause him or her to fall, or to try and blame someone else for what they have done. When it is their fault the whole time. If you really listen to the words it will really move you.