Gaal Dornick, a mathematician, goes to another planet called Trantor to meet Dr. Hari Seldon who has invited him to Trantor to join his team for an scientific experiment about future of Trantor. Trantor has a population of over 40 billions and there is metal all over it as if you go above it you see a glob made of metal. The way that the author explains the planet Trantor makes you feel lucky for your self for living on earth with a lot of green plans and other alive things around you. When you think even a planet like Trantor, not made of metal, but with metal all over it is going to be destroyed one day, that makes you feel worried about future of our own planet, the earth. Maybe if the days that Asimov is talking about come, our planet might look like Trantor.

Dr. Seldon invites Gaal, whom is a mathematician, to join his team, which contains fifty more mathematicians. They are doing an scientific experiment about the future of Trantor. Dr. Seldon predicts, by mathematical ways, that Trantor will lie in ruins within the next five centuries and what they are trying to do is to minimize the effects of that destruction. On the other hand, the government is spying on them and commissions of Public Safety are following Gaal since he entered the Trantor.

They are worried about public confidence and they even arrest Dr. Seldon to ask him his opinions about the future of Trantor. By looking at Dr. Seldon's prediction, I remember that couple of years ago I was reading a journal written by a scientist who was predicting that the earth is going to have an accident with another planet and it's going to destroy the earth. His made many people worried, but fortunately his prediction didn't come true and the earth is still moving around sun. Who knows maybe one day the same thing as going to happen for Trantor may happen for our planet!.