The Grocery Store War Every person must buy groceries. In Brevard County, a consumer has three grocery stores where they can purchase food, Winn Dixie, Publix, and Albertson's. Although they are all grocery stores and they all sell food, they differ greatly in customer service. Consumers will shop where they best feel welcomed and receive superior customer service.

Winn Dixie, a south eastern supermarket, has over 12 stores in Brevard County. Their company logo, "the beef people", definitely does not show what they think customer service means. Like other grocery stores, they have good stores and they have bad stores. Some good stores have smiling, helpful employees while a majority of the stores just employ "warm bodies." Although customers spend their hard earned money in their store, most employees don't seem to care if customers come or not. Furthermore, a lack in appropriate help shows. It seems that Winn Dixie does not have enough people working to assist the customers that shop within their store.

The parking lot usually has an excess number of shopping carts. Since the carts take up all the parking spaces, customers must either get out and move them or park further away. This inconvienences the customers and may cause handicapped individuals to park at a distance too far away from the store. A customer may come to conclude, they can not possibly operate the inside any better than they can operate the outside. Meanwhile, at the registers, overwhelming lines await the customer that is ready to check out, with no relief in sight. Then the cashier has to bag up the order or the customer themselves must bag their own groceries.

At least at Publix, they have baggers to bag up the groceries. One thing Winn Dixie could do better, talk to their customers and provide adequate help to assist their customers. Publix, a Florida based supermarket, has over 15 stores in Brevard County. The compan logo, "Where shopping is a pleasure", does not necessarily pertain to each and every store. In some stores, customers meet friendly employees, ready and willing to help meet their every need. Although they usually have an abundance of help available, they " re not very helpful.

For instance, several cashiers, not waiting on customers, smile as a customer walks by. They may even say hello. By contrast, some employees may seem more annoyed by customers questions than wanting to please them. For example, two cashiers, not waiting on customers, talk about their weekend plans, instead of helping customers. A customer walks up, ready to check out, and sees the two cashiers not working. Logically, the customer would think that they can be waited on immediately.

Unfortunately, these two cashiers do not want to be interrupted by something as insignificant as a customer. The bagger usually bags the order correctly. One thing that Publix could do better, talk to their customers and anticipate the needs of their customers before the customer even knows what they want. Make the customers feel that they are number one! Albertson's, a Boise Idaho based supermarket, has only 3 stores within Brevard County.

The company logo, "It's your store", seems to fit these three stores. When a customer drives into an Albertson's parking lot, the first thing noticed is how clean the parking lot seems. Carts do not block parking spaces. Trash does not accumulate by the grassy islands. The inside of the store shows as well as the outside.

All employees follow a four square policy, where they must greet each customer that comes within four tile squares of them. A Front end manager directs customers to the fastest lanes. Even though cashiers greet each customer, they should ask everyone if they found everything they needed. If the customer did not find everything, the cashier asks the bagger to find the item the customer needs. This helps the store sales as well as the customer. The bagger bags the order and then does something that neither one of the other two competitors do.

They take out the customer's groceries and puts them into their car, free of charge. Since the baggers go outside frequently, the shopping carts do not accumulate in the parking lot. That is taking customer service one step further than the rest! Although customers have a variety of shopping centers to buy groceries, they will shop where they feel most welcomed and appreciated. Winn Dixie, Publix, and Albertson's are their choices.

Each company offers a different level in customer service. According to customer service standards, where will they shop Albertson's. Why Because "It's their store!".