A large problem that has arose in our country is Country of Origin (COO) meat labeling. Imported meat is not labeled with its origin and has become a great problem because of the lack of universal packaging and processing laws. The United States imports meat from 26 foreign countries. This means when you buy a package of hamburger from your local grocery store it could contain meat from anywhere in the world. Other countries meat isn't the same quality as US meat. Some meat comes from countries such as china where it is legal to feed livestock ground up bone meal from scraped animals.

In which that bone meal can carry such diseases such as mad cow disease or a variety of other ailments. Other variances to US policy are things such as pesticides (rodent killer), insecticides (bug killer), and herbicides (weed killer). And when these poisons are used around livestock, they eat them also and are incorporated into the meat you buy at the supermarket. Furthermore, some foreign countries have no sanitation in the way livestock are produced. Some are grown on disease and urine infected water and food. So without labeling of meat origins, the consumer does not know what they are buying which should be immediately changed.

The opposition to meat labeling laws claims it is "too much regulation and cost to gyrate through unnecessary protocols just to label the meat." But obviously the opposition really has no defense and just doesn't want their product to plummet once the truth is shown to the consumer. Once labels are applied to meat countries with notorious standards and unsanitary practices will be justly shut out of the market. Additionally the countries with strong victual standards will prosper, and ought to. Without qualm every meat product should be labeled with origin. True it is probable that disreputable foreign meat import markets will crash, but at the same time superior meat will be delivered to the consumer. Another result of labeling resolve imported meats to clean up their policy and promote their product..