Martin Luther King Martin Luther King Jr. was a great man that did so many great things in his lifetime. One of those great things was to help boycott the busses so black people could have equal rights. Another is that he used nonviolence to get across to the people about his cause. When Harriet Tubman n didn't give up her seat to a white man, which lead to a huge boycott of the busses. When Martin Luther King first heard that Harriet wanted him to be the leader of the boycott he didn't want to.

But, after awhile he thought he should since it's a good cause. So, he helped her get black people equal right to the busses. It worked too, when black people stopped riding the buss their profits went down by a lot. So, the bus lines decided to give in to their demands and they got equal bus rights. This is the beginning of many new rights for blacks. Martin King used nonviolence to get his message across.

Instead of using violent force. If he had used force this would have cause even more problems for black people; The way that Martin did it he got freedom without as many casualties. So without Martin black people may not have had so many rights as they do today. The ways he got freedom were by helping Harriet Tubb man with the boycotts. Also, he helped by using non violence to get his message across.

Using this way helped by not as many people dying.