How to successfully detail your car. When you buy a new car it comes to you spotless, washed, polished, and dressed. After a while the bright shine of amor all begins to fade and that showroom shine is no longer at show room condition. French fries begin to gather, straw wrappers appear, the ever-present coffee stain on the carpeting and even animal hair collects all which demolishes the clean appearance of your prized automobile. When owning a new car you need to know how to reestablish that beautiful finish. The first thing you should know when detailing a car is the importance of washing and polishing the cars exterior, then comes the dreadful interior, after that is the detailed cleaning that makes or breaks the cars appearance.

First you must pick a perfect day to detail your car, the weather must be fair the sun should be blocked by the occasional cloud or two and for your comfort it should be mildly warm out. Pull the car up to a shaded area close to a long garden with water pressure to spare. Make sure the windows are closed, and then begin to pre-rinse the car to get any easily removed dirt off of the car, not doing this will result in scratching of the paint when washing with soap. Second you should later up a nice bucket of car wash and with a knotted hair glove thoroughly scrub every inch of the cars paint and windows.

If some of the dirt or squashed bugs from fast highway travel get some bleach-white car cleaner and with a bug pad apply the cleaner directly to the sponge and lightly scrub the car with the bug pad. Once again you must rinse the car off with the hose, you must be sure to remove every last bubble not doing so will leave your car with unsightly streaks in the paint. Now comes the most over looked part of washing the car; drying it off. People are usually content with the wet appearance of their car it may look good at first but when the water dries up on you it can lead to horrific water spots on your car, not good.

To eliminate this you must use a clean chamois and carefully wipe off every last drop of water the car has to offer. You can go above and beyond the call of duty if you have access to a high speed wind blower, just turn it on and aim it where ever the water can be hiding, common spots that require blowing are in the cracks of the door, mirrors and sunroofs. Now we must move on to the next part of a car to detail, the interior. The interior is the most rewarding part of the car to clean.

A car's interior is what the driver sees, if the interior is dirty then the car doesn't have that same "new car" feeling to it any more. The first thing you must do when cleaning a car's interior is to remove the floor mats, be careful to not spill any dirt on to the rug when doing this or it would defeat the purpose of floor mats. Beat the floor mats with some kind of stick to get all of the hidden dirt out of them and then begin to shampoo them with carpet shampoo then set them aside for a while. Next comes the vacuuming, vacuuming a car is an art it requires a trained eye to pick out all of the small particles such as dirt and sand that give your carpet that worn look. Start vacuuming the car with the seats pushed and reclined all the way back and vacuum the entire front both passenger and driver sides.

When you are done vacuuming the front then proceed to vacuum the rear but this time make sure the seats are pushed and reclined all the way to the front don't forget about the seats as well. When you feel that you have eliminated every last speck of dirt from the carpet and the seats you should begin to shampoo all carpeted and clothe surfaces in the car. To do so you should start by spraying a few sprays of carpet cleaner on the rug and then vigorously scrub it in. Be sure to pay close attention to any coffee stains you may have, be persistent because they do come out. Now on to surface cleaner, you should have a bristled paintbrush and a rag at hand and just whisk away any dust or crumbs that may have collected over time. If there is a spot that isn't coming out with only a good wipe then you should grab some light de greaser, give the dang spot a good scrubbing and I guarantee that spot will not see the lights of day again.

Dressing a car's interior is a bonus that many people like to have done the dresser of choice seems to be Armor-all light shine. Obtain a small light shop rag and a 12 oz bottle of Armor-all with the spray top. Douse the cloth rag with Armor-all and just wipe it evenly over all vinyl and leather surfaces. This gives the car the final touch that drives people crazy. The last thing you have to do is tend to the cars paint.

Waxing the car is an easy task that is often dreaded. The only thing I can advise you about wax is don't buy the cheap stuff. You will need a nice clean wax pad and that high quality wax. Apply the wax using small circles doing so covers all the spots on the paint over and over again but you must be careful to get any wax on any foreign surfaces such as rubber and plastic, it just wont come completely off no matter how hard you try. When you feel that you have covered all of the cars paint with wax then you must rapidly take it off using a soft clean white rag. Just make sure all of its off and then you have a completely detailed car.

People spend big bucks on having their cars detailed. Why pay if you can now do it your self it is easy cheap and doesn't cost a fortune to do. Enjoy because you now have the power to have a clean car.