Candy Thesis: I. Introduction A. Opening Statement. Thesis II. Skittles A. B.

I would like to think of myself as a healthy eater. I try not to eat much meat during the week and I always eat a variety vegetables. Nevertheless, I have this weakness that renders all my attempts at healthy eating D. O. A.

Of course I am talking about candy. Even thought it is almost completely made of sugar, I cannot get enough. Everyone has their favorite candy; some may like sour or sweet while others stick to the classics; chocolate or camel. The only problem is I like them all so narrowing it down is not easy.

I think the best way would be to pick through my long list of favorites and come up with the top three. My all time favorite candy's are, in no particular order, laf fy taffy, skittles, and pralines. Some people simply despise fruity candies. Somehow I always seem to find myself not only buying, but also enjoying them.

It seems the sky is the limit when it comes to the colors and flavors available to choose from. Even through the seemingly endless type, I stay true to skittles in particular. I simply cannot get enough of those delicious little candies. They are about the same size as an m&m, but much more colorful. I would say my favorite flavor would have to be the red ones.

The colors coordinate to the flavors. Red skittles are strawberry. The purple skittles are grape flavored. The orange are orange, yellow are lemon, and green are lime. They do not taste particularly like there natural counterparts, but they are close enough so that it gives a good idea of what it is sup post to be.

I am sure my kids will think I am strange, when I go buy myself big bag of skittles. Other people may want a better description, but the best way has to be to actually go out and try them first hand. I am sure we have all seen or heard about taffy. What I would think would come to mind to most people when I would say something regarding taffy might be something concerning saltwater taffy. I love saltwater taffy.

It seems that it is not in great supply around here. The only place I know of is somewhere like the cracker barrel. Needless to say I never go to cracker barrel, and it is a little more than I feel comfortable spending on candy. So I find myself resorting to a childhood favorite, laf fy taffy. It is sold everywhere, and it is very inexpensive. I really started to like it when I played baseball as a kid.

After the game I would always try to pump mom or dad for a few cents to stock up. It never made it home. I would somehow eat my entire entire stockpile. Whoever came up with the idea of putting jokes inside the wrapper is a very rich man. I could not help but to try to unwrap one more. The way the jokes where printed on the wrapper was very smart too.

They would put one joke half way on the wrapper so it made me want to know the end of the joke, genius really. For the most part, people seem to enjoy chocolate the most of any candy. Unless they are allergic, everybody loves chocolate. I was thinking good and hard on what was my favorite, and I always seem to draw a blank. I did not want to pick just heresy bar, cause I really do not care for them all that much. So I came to the conclusion that I would need to pick something worthy of writing about.

I decided to write about a quite delicious chocolate morsel. There called pralines. They are a kind of pastry really. It's a really smooth chocolate inside of a strong yet flaky outer coating of pastry goodness. The pralines are shaped about the size of your middle finger.

Anyone can get them, but it helps to know what to look for. Every time I go to Sam's I try to pick up a tin of them. They go great with lots of deserts. I like them with coffee and ice cream. I really have no Idea what the nutrition facts are on them, but it does not really matter. 2000 Total Candy Consumption 7.

1 Billion Pounds (Consumption = Shipments + Imports - Exports) 2000 Total Chocolate Consumption: 3. 3 Billion Pounds 2000 Total Non-chocolate Consumption: 3. 1 Billion Pounds Total U. S. Apparent Consumption Wholesale Dollars for All Candy - $15. 5 Billion.

(Consumption = Shipments + Imports - Exports) Approximate U. S. Apparent Consumption Wholesale Dollars & Pounds: . Chocolate - $8.

6 Billion - 3. 3 Billion Pounds. Non-chocolate - $4. 8 Billion - 2. 7 Billion Pounds.

Gum - $1. 5 Billion -. 5 Billion Pounds Estimated Retail Sales -. Total - $23. 8 Billion. Chocolate - $13 Billion.

Non-chocolate - $7. 5 Billion. Gum - $2 Billion.