Wrestling Thesis statement: Free style, Professional, Greko Roman, and Collegiant wrestling have very different rules and styles. I. Free style wrestling A. Rules B. Style II.

Professional wrestling A. Rules B. Style III. Greko Roman wrestling A. Rules B. Style IV.

Collegiant wrestling A. Rules B. Style Wrestling is broken into four different types based on rules and style; Freestyle, Professional, Greko Roman, and Collegiant. Free style is usually started after school is let out for the summer.

The rules of Free style wrestling are pretty simple. Both wrestlers start in the standing position for all three rounds. Each round is two minutes long, and the person with the most points at the end of the third round wins. Free style wrestling is done on a mat, approximately two inches thick and is half the size of a basketball court. The out of bounds area on the mat is marked by a circle; so no one gets hurt by being thrown off the mat. There are several ways to score points, take downs, throws, and pins.

Take downs are when one wrestler has the other wrestler under control on the mat, all four extremities are touching the mat. In Free style, after a take down both wrestlers start back at the standing position. Takedown sare worth one point, because using the legs is not favorable in Free style. Throws are exactly what is sounds like, one wrestler throws the other one. Twot o four points can be awarded depending on the height of the throw. The higher the more points.

After a throw both wrestlers start back at the standing position. A pin in Free style is when one wrestlers shoulder blades roll on the mat. You do not have to hold a wrestler down for a count of three to get a pin in Free style. Free style is basically practice for the Collegiant wrestling season.

Professional wrestling is done in a boxing ring, the rules are vague, but the sport is very entertaining. They can hit each other with chairs, body slam from the top ropes, and even throw each other out of the ring! I think the only rule they have is no biting. Professional wrestling is done for the entertainment of others. Greko Roman wrestling also has three rounds and is played on a mat.

The real difference in Greko Roman is that you can not use the legs at all. To score points in this type of wrestling you must throw your opponent. The higher you throw your opponent the more points you receive. You can win if you throw your opponent and pin him, similar to Free style. Greko Roman is played in the off season after the Free style season is over. Greko Roman like Free style is for practice for the Collegiant season.

Very few people wrestle only Greko Roman. Collegiant wrestling is for high school, college students, and the Olympics. It is played on a mat of similar size and boundaries. There are three rounds which are two minutes long. The first is started in the standing position, in the second round there is a coin toss. Whoever wins the coin toss gets to choose what position the wants to start the second round in.

The choices are up, down, or standing. Up is the term for the other wrestler is on all fours with you behind him, one hand on the belly-button the other on the elbow. One knee must be down on the mat, the other must be off the mat. The down position is you are on all fours and the other wrestler is in the up position. The only advantage of being in the down position is if you are good at reversals. A reversal is one point, and is done when the down wrestler gets in the up position or the standing position.

Escaping from the other wrestler. You can also score points by take downs, two points. In Collegiant wrestling you can get points by putting your opponents back at a forty-five degree angle to the mat. Holding him there for four seconds is four points, three seconds is three points. Pins in this type of wrestling can only be achieved by holding both shoulder blades to the mat for three seconds.

Throws are take downs and are only two points. Wrestling is very exhausting sport even though it is only six minutes long, it seems like an eternity.