Think about it. How important is thinking? Americans spend all of their day thinking and mis thinking of multiple decisions and ideas. Thinking is a very important process of how our thoughts, when transferred verbally or written on paper, can produce a clearer understanding of our views. The nature of logic as it relates to critical thinking, and my perceptual process have been influenced through sources of enculturation. The nature of logic as understood is when you have a situation, belief, tradition, etc. that is examined and reviewed in great detail to discover the reasoning behind a behavior.

Critical thinking as I understand it is when you view a situation in multiple ways to get a accurate answer or results. The nature of logic relates to critical thinking by examining the situation and thoughts to get a clearer decision of possible outcomes, or reasoning. For instance, before heading to work you watch the news and their morning traffic update for possible accidents and road closures because you have an hour commute. On this particular morning you hear the traffic reporter mention that your daily route to work has been closed due to a huge tractor-trailer accident.

Logically, and using critical thinking you are able to come up with two alternate routes for getting to work on time. Using further logic and critical thinking you watch the news for further traffic details to make a final decision on one of two alternate choices. You hear that one of your choices is severely backed up, so you decide to go with you other decision to arrive to work punctually and safely. My perceptual blocks have developed from sources of enculturation. For instance, growing up as a child my parents only exposed me to one religion. As a result I thought for along time that Christianity was the only form of religion.

My parents for a long time fed my brain with the awareness of there being one way to perceive God. I had been sheltered from the truth of different religions in existence due to the religious beliefs of my parents. It was not until my late teens as I had gained more exposure to different cultures, that it was revealed to me that Christianity was not the only religious belief. Further discussions with friends made me do some critical thinking to find out what other religious beliefs were in existence. I than began my research and investigating to discover multiple religious beliefs and how in some ways they relate to my parents beliefs. As I dug deeper into my parents background I had discovered logically that my great, great grandparents who studied religions studied Buddhism, but my grandparents who were Christians passed their beliefs on to my father who met my mother in the Christian Church.

I am now able to accept individuals no matter what their religious beliefs are because I have a better understanding. The nature of logic as it relates to critical thinking, and the perceptual process have a great impact of individuals choices and decisions in life. It is important to think before you speak because you never know where mis thinking may lead you. Do not assume, but think about all of your possible choices before making a fair decision. View situations in its entirety for clearer possible outcomes. When you have exhaled all possible choices, make a final decision that makes you feel more comfortable with your decision.

In the end you not only will you gain knowledge, but you will also enhance your way of thinking to understand and except different people and environments.