Computers In Our Lives With the 21 st century rolling right along the technology world is becoming highly advanced every year. School in America must teach the basics of computers before computers become too advanced for students to even learn the basics. Once the basics of computers are taught in school, then students will be able to complete a large percentage of assignments over the computer. There are three basic functions that computers will do to help education. Computers will help students to receive learning material in an efficient way. Computers will allow students to accomplish more work using quick research and will allow for increased learning during the students' education.

Computers will allow students to prepare for the new way of life in which computers will be used in every profession. The computer has an endless supply of possible education aids. Students will be able to research any topic over the computer and the Internet. With all assignments given, all work can be done over the computers.

Students can take tests over the computer, they can complete math problems and, of course, students can complete writing assignments. The more students use computers, the quicker work will be completed. Students will be able to do all the research they need without leaving their seat. Students can learn about anything they want using the computer, which will lead to for an advanced education. The more a student researches, the more the student will learn about computers. With education switching to computers, students will learn at an efficient rate and will learn more material.

Computers are used for research, writing out ideas, and then typing the paper, which makes writing papers easier for the students and more assignments can be given. With the new way of life quickly changing, computers are going to be needed for everything. In America computers will be the basis of every profession. Computer will be used to write up information, to check background information for police officers, and will be used to even issue fishing licenses at fishing stores.

If computers are not used daily in school, then the process for the future of the student will not be completed. Computers will be a basic too that will be needed for every profession in America in the future. Computers are part of most American's lives every day. Computers will highly increase education rate helping with research, accomplishing more material, and preparing the student for the working world. Computer will only be increasing every year as more capabilities begin to be possible.

The only way to keep students up to date is with the technology of the computer.