Monday, June 29, 1863 Chapter 1- The Spy 1. What is the spy's usual occupation before the war? The spy was an actor. 2. How is he perceived by Longstreet? By Sorrel? Quote the passage or passages that best demonstrates their feelings.

Longstreet thinks that he is not much of a spy, but he takes his word, seeing that there is no other person to believe. -'If you cannot find headquarters of this whole army you cannot be much of a spy. Sorrel just doesn't trust spies at all. Chapter 2- Chamberlain 3.

What is Chamberlain's former career before the war? Chamberlain was a professor at Bowden College. 4. Describe how Chamberlain handles the situation with the mutineers. Based on these actions what assumptions can you make about the man's character? He actually handles the situation flawlessly. He takes the 'lead' man of the mutineers and talks to him civilly.

Chamberlain says that he will do all in his power to fix the problems of the mutineers. I think his behavior shows that there can be some goodness within war. Chapter 3- Buford 5. How does Buford feel about the social status of the South? Buford is disgusted with their behavior. He thinks that they are savages. Chapter 4- Longstreet 6.

Describe Longstreet's character. What kind of a man is he? Quote passages that lead you to this conclusion. General Longstreet is a new soldier, crude and ominous. He has had three children die. He always speaks his mind. 7.

Describe based on Jim Kemper's words what 'the cause' is from the South's perspective. 'We are fighting for freedom from the rule of what is to us a foreign government.' The cause is so that they can do what they want. Their rights are at stake. Wednesday, July 1, 1863- The First Day. Chapter 1- Lee 8. How does the author characterize Lee? What qualities do we observe in him? 9.

Discuss the importance placed on the rules of conduct for a soldier, or chivalry from Longstreet's view. Chapter 2- Buford 10. Describe Buford's successful strategies in repelling the Confederate advance. 11. Explain the concept of 'fighting against brothers' as presented in this chapter. Chapter 3- Lee 12.

Discuss the difference in battle strategies that Lee and Longstreet have. Chapter 4- Chamberlain 13. Discuss the concept of the killer angel. Chapter 5- Longstreet 14. Describe Longstreet's family situation. 15.

What is Fremantle's view of the Confederate Army? Chapter 6- Lee 15. How does Lee handle the situation with Trimble? 16. What does this suggest about his character? Chapter 7- Buford 17. Describe the situation when Buford reports to headquarters for new orders. Thursday, July 2, 1863- The Second Day. Chapter 1- Freemantle 18.

Discuss Freemantle's view's on the South and their similarities with Englishmen. Chapter 2- Chamberlain 19. What is Chamberlain's initial reaction to the slave? 20. What does he realize that changes his mind? 21. Describe Kilrain's views of why this war is being fought. Chapter 3- Longstreet 22.

Describe Longstreet's feelings about fighting the Federal Army. 23. Why does he follow Lee's orders, even though he knows they will not succeed? Chapter 4- Chamberlain 24. Briefly describe Chamberlain's encounter with the Confederate Army. 25. Describe Kilrain's contribution to this confrontation.

Chapter 5- Longstreet 26. Describe the Confederate soldiers' reaction to General Lee's appearance. 27. What are Longstreet's feelings about this display? Chapter 6- Lee 28. Why does Lee decide to fight at Gettysburg? Friday, July 3, 1863 Chapter 1- Chamberlain 29. What are Chamberlain's feelings towards his soldiers? 30.

What is ironic about 'the safest spot'? Chapter 2- Longstreet 31. Describe the situation between Longstreet and Lee. Chapter 3 - Chamberlain 32. Describe Chamberlain's meeting with General Sykes. Chapter 4- Armistead 33. How does the author characterize Armistead? Chapter 5- Longstreet 34.

Describe both Longstreet and Lee's reaction to the battle. Chapter 6- Chamberlain 35. Describe Chamberlain's feelings about the carnage and all the deaths sustained at the battle. Chapter 7- Afterword 36. Briefly describe what becomes of the following characters after the war: a) Lee) Longstreet) Chamberlain) KilrainEssayWrite an essay of no less than 500 words exploring the one following themes: Idealism vs. Skepticism For this choice you will identify and explore how these two contrasting ideas play out in the selected reading.

As you develop your essay, you should look for opportunities to draw connections to our world today -- especially through your concluding paragraph. OR Intellectual Aristocracy vs. Social Aristocracy For this choice you will compare and contrast the 'Intellectual Aristocracy' that Kilrain describes with the 'Social Aristocracy' that exists in the South prior to the Civil War. The idea of the 'aristocracy " is defined here, but it will be your task to define these two specialized terms as you understand them from the reading.

Be sure to make relevant connections between the world of the characters in the novel and our world today -- especially through your concluding paragraph.