Bush for President Being a voter is a privilege, and something I'm defiantly not ready for. I believe 18 is a very reasonable if not to early of an age to become a voter. Some people claim the reason they don't study and become educated on the election is, they believe the election or the decision on who will become the next president will effect them. Each candidate stands for their own beliefs and they each want different things for our country. You should vote on the things you believe will benefit the most for you and your family and the ones in the most need of something. By voting you get a chance to become part of what America is known for "freedom" by which you get to help decide what goes on, what laws should be passed, where funding goes and how much, things that effect everyone.

After all my research on the 2000 election I vote for George W. Bush for President. I truly believe he will help the education and he has a firm stand on a lot of important issues. Bush is a person like me who believes in the death penalty under certain circumstances. I also strongly agree and understand his ideas for defense, he knows and is aimed at spending more money on the military. Clinton-Gore's anti-drug campaign hasn't worked in the past and I think Bush has ideas that might make a difference.

George Bush has goals for setting up programs to keep kids off drugs at public school, which is completely necessary. Bush tries very hard to be a good role model for his daughters. I think the main reason Bush won my vote over Gore would have to be his views on education. I strongly agree on vouchers, I know many people myself included who would rather go to a private school but don't have the funding.

The vouchers wouldn't completely pay for school but it's a start. Bush wants a firm stand on making sure kids are ready for the next grade rather then passing them due to age. America needs to improve reading and Bush has a plan. Bush is willing to give a lot more money towards funding for school and after school programs. Bush wants a tax cut to help single people as well as families.

I'm completely against any ownership of guns and Bush is also against ownership of guns. Bush gives each state money for senior's health care plans. He's for tough juvenile justice laws. Tax ban keeps Internet increasing and affordable. There is a down side to every candidate in which I don't agree with him on several statements on gays and lesbians. Once he was quoted "No gays in Boy Scouts." Other quotes have to do with him saying he doesn't agree with gay adoption or marriage but should be up to the states to decide.

I'm completely for freedom of any sort. Gay and lesbians deserve the exact same treatment as anyone else, we " re all human.