My family and I live in a private zone in Visalia which has neat streets and attractive sidewalks decorating our neighborhood. In addition, we count with a secure playground area for our kids funny. It is surrounded by a high fence and has a soft carpet under the playground to protect our kids against fall downs. Many of our residents declare that is a pleasure to take a walk around our area. Laura, a woman who lives in front our home said: "It is a delight to walk to school every morning because I can enjoy our neighborhood beauty." In addition, we have the advantage of the splendor during any season. For instance, we can see numerous leaves of different colors falling down in the autumn.

Reds, browns, and oranges tones cover our streets. In the spring, everyone can take a leisure time under shades of flourishing gardens full of leafy trees. We are very proud of living in this beautiful area. Nevertheless, a large deserted lot near our locality brings out some annoying effects on the residents. This unoccupied lot gives to the community a disagreeable look that contrasts with the beauty of our neighborhood.

The owners send a person to the terrain once a year to clean it up, but waste cumulates quickly. Old mattress, useless tires, and worn-out shoes give our area a nasty aspect. In addition, some people who buy their provisions in a store located at the back of our vicinity leave shopping carts in this careless lot. Consequently, gangs take advantage of the messy area using these carts to climb easily over our fences and cross out into our yards. In addition, they contribute to our neighborhood bad look painting graffiti over stone walls.

I can easily ignore some of this unattractiveness when I am not in front of the lot, but when I am up stairs and lean out the window it is impossible to ignore it. Sometimes I prefer to maintain close down the curtains to avoid that view. Many of my neighbors agree with me and they keep their blinds closed too, but sometimes we have to call the police when someone is damaging our area. The bad appearance is not the only problem this lot presents; it brings out several unhealthy problems. Due to the dust stored in the waste found over there, my little son has developed some allergy reactions. Sneezes and headaches are the most frequent cause for visiting the doctor.

Moreover, bushes found in the terrain transport the pollen just about our area causing worst effects to the residents like difficult breathing. Our neighbors who have these effects can not sleep with opened windows. They must close them every night. Some pediatricians at our community have found that children living in an area surrounded by abandoned lots are more susceptible to develop allergy reactions. Agnes B.

Cabatu Dr. , from the Visalia Health Care Center said, "Our community presents a high risk of respiratory diseases due to the abundant cultivated fields, but the pollution within uncultivated fields aggravates the problem." The worst consequence of this careless lot is about the danger it represents to the community. This is a perfect place for gangs to meet. They easily commit illicit acts like using drugs because the darkness of the place during the evenings. The last year, a wall had to be repainted six times because someone covered it with graffiti.

When we discover these showy symbols over our walls, we feel sad and depressed because we could not understand why some people do not respect somebody else's property, above all, a beautiful community. But without doubt, the most dangerous effect of this careless lot is the fire risk. Because of the dried undergrowth that can be burned down easily, the July 4 th represents a dangerous day. The last year we were almost on fire when a group of three young boys were playing with artificial fires in the abandoned lot and an old mattress started to burn down. We phoned immediately to the fire fighter station asking for help. For a while, everyone in our neighborhood run to fight the fire with domestic hoses and buckets full of water, because the flames spread too quickly and threatened to reach our homes.

Everybody was alarmed, but nobody wanted to lose our area loveliness. Emergency sirens sounded bringing near us, and when the fire fighters and the ambulance arrived, they put completely in charge of the disaster. That stress provoked our oldest neighbor was taken out to the hospital because she suffered a lamentable hearth attack. The smog deteriorated our kids' health and got worse our asthmatic neighbors condition causing them tearful eyes, sore throat, and chest tightness. There were people coughing, screaming, and crying around our injured neighborhood. Finally, the fire was controlled and we could return into our homes safe from danger.

Apparently, an abandoned lot is inoffensive, but the darkness, the dried thicket, and the pollution represent a silent danger. This huge lot has been there for about 30 years, surrounded by homes and commercial centers, and the negative effect it represents is practically ignored. After that accident, things continued in the same way. Owners continue sending their workers to clean the lot once a year, kids remain playing with artificial fires in the lot, and gangs persist with our walls available to write on them.

Fortunately, our whole community keeps on enjoying every season enclosed by our neighborhood beauty. Works Cited Visalia Health Care Center. Agnes B. Cabatu Dr. "Our community presents a high risk of respiratory diseases...

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