Chapter 1-The first chapter describes how people remember the small details of every day life just as much as the larger happening. - In the first chapter the main character has a disturbing dream of Manderley. - In her dream she becomes upset at the way Manderley has become run-down and fallen apart. - She also remembers the little details of every day life at Manderley and how she seems to miss them. Chapter 2-Chapter describes how people seem to grasp on to familiar things when away from home. - In chapter two the main character compares life at the hotel to life at Manderley.

- Both the main character and Maxim, though they are far from England both cling to their British ways. - Lastly she remembers back to when she first met Maxim while working for Mrs. Van Hopper. Chapter 3-The third chapter shows that little things can have a big influence on the future. - In the third chapter the main character remembers her first formal meeting where Mrs. Van Hopper forcefully mingled with Maxim.

- From the beginning of their conversation Maxim clearly wants nothing to do with Mrs. Van Hopper. - After talking with Mrs. Van Hopper for a while, Maxim leaves but sends a note up to the main character's room apologizing for the way he behaved. Chapter 4-The fourth chapter tells of how looks can be deceiving. - In the fourth chapter Mrs.

Van Hopper becomes ill, leaving the main character on her own to do as she pleases. - While at lunch by herself Maxim invites her to eat together and he invites her to go with him in his car on a drive. - After driving with him, Maxim gives the main character a book of Poems with an inscription to Max from Rebecca. Chapter 5-The fifth chapter describes how the littlest things can affect people greatly. - In Chapter five the main character takes another ride with Maxim in hi car. - In the car the main character mentions both Manderley and Maxim's wife Rebecca, which upsets Maxim.

- On the way back to the hotel Maxim forgives her for talking about Manderley and Rebecca and kisses her. Chapter 6-Chapter six tells of how conceited people can become to see another person celebrating. - In chapter six Mrs. Van Hopper regains her health and decides it's time to leave for New York. - In a panic the main character hurries around the hotel in search of Maxim to say good-bye. - When she does find Maxim and tells him of her departure he asks her to marry him.

Chapter 7-Chapter seven tells of how important first impressions are to people. - In chapter seven the main character and Maxim arrive at Manderley after their seven week honeymoon. - Upon arriving the main character is worried that she will be taken the wrong way by the servants. - From the moment she arrives Mrs. Danvers makes it clear that she believes that the main character is trying to take the place of Rebecca.

Chapter 8-Chapter eight describes how hard it is to fit in at a new environment. - In chapter eight the main character becomes accustomed to everyone's routines around Manderley. - Mrs. Danvers very subtly makes the main character uncomfortable in Manderley. - Maxim tells the main character that his sister will be stopping by.

Chapter 9-Chapter nine tells how one seemingly unimportant person can affect someone of more importance. - In chapter nine Beatrice, Giles, and Frank arrive at Manderley. - Mrs. Danvers degrades the main character for getting lost in the house.

- Beatrice tells the main character that she is very different from Rebecca. Chapter 10-Chapter ten gives the first piece of information to how Rebecca really was. - In chapter ten the main character and Maxim take a walk down to the ocean. - The main character meats Ben by the cottage and he tells her that she is nicer than Rebecca. - Maxim gets into an argument with the main character over how she should not have chased Jasper. Chapter 11-Chapter eleven is about how people perceive each other.

- In chapter eleven the main character worries how the other days visit went with Beatrice and Giles. - The bishop's wife asks if Maxim will have another fancy ball, like when Rebecca was alive. - Frank tells the main character about Rebecca and how she died. Chapter 12-Chapter twelve give reason to why Mrs. Danvers is the way she is. - In Chapter twelve Beatrice tells the main character that Mrs.

Danvers adored Rebecca. - The main character accidentally breaks the china cupid and hid it in a drawer. - Robert then gets blamed for stealing the cupid so the main character admits to breaking it. Chapter 13-Chapter thirteen is about how some people will always crave what someone else has. - In chapter thirteen Maxim leaves for two days to go to London. - Ben tells the main character that she has angel eyes.

- Jack Favell talks to the main character but makes her promise not to tell Maxim that he was there. Chapter 14-Chapter fourteen tells of how some people have trouble moving on after a tragedy. - In chapter fourteen the main character comes across Rebecca's room while wondering Manderley and finds that the bed and linens have not changed since Rebecca died. - Mrs.

Danvers walks in on the main character as she is looking at all of Rebecca clothing. - Mrs. Danvers then takes out all of Rebecca's clothes to show them to the main character. Chapter 15-Chapter fifteen shows a bit more what Rebecca was like. - In chapter fifteen Beatrice and the main character go out to lunch together.

- The main character asks Beatrice about Jack Favell. - The main character meets Maxim and Beatrice's grandmother, who loved Rebecca. Chapter 16-Chapter sixteen describes how something can be perceived two totally different ways by two different people. -In chapter sixteen Lady Crow an convinces Maxim to have another costume ball, like when Rebecca was alive. - The main character comes up with an idea for a costume from a picture she saw in the library, but won't tell anyone what her costume is to be.

-When the main character reveals her costume Maxim gets very upset and forces her to go back and change her clothing. Chapter 17-Chapter seventeen is about how people over-react to small things. -In chapter seventeen Beatrice tells the main character that her costume was the same one that Rebecca had worn to the last costume party. -She changes her clothing and the party is a success. -Maxim disappears and the main character cannot find him, and she fears that she has done something wrong to make him angry with her. Chapter 18-Chapter eighteen is about how people can be persuaded easily by other people when they are distressed.

-After Maxim still does not return in the morning the main character looks for him. -She believes that Maxim could never love her because he is still in love with Rebecca. -Mrs. Danvers tries to get the main character to jump out of a window, but rockets from a run aground ship break the main character out of her trance. Chapter 19-Chapter nineteen describes how life can change drastically in a small amount of time. -In chapter nineteen Maxim comes running in to the house to tell them that the ship has run onto the reef and to get the sailors some drinks and food.

-A diver is sent down under water to examine the ships hull, where the diver finds Rebecca's ship. -Maxim tells the main character that he killed Rebecca. Chapter 20-Chapter twenty is about how people can only be pushed so far. -In chapter twenty Maxim tells the main character how and why he killed Rebecca. -Maxim asks the main character if she still loves him or if it's too late.

- The main character and Maxim begin to make a plan on how to cover up Maxim killing Rebecca. Chapter 21-Chapter twenty-one is about how things from the past can come back to haunt you. -In chapter twenty one Rebecca's boat is successfully raised from the water, with Rebecca still in it. -The body in the boat is found to be Rebecca's and so Maxim has to take an inquest on Rebecca's death.

-Maxim tells the main character that he is still glad that he killed Rebecca, and does not regret it. Chapter 22-Chapter twenty two is about how there are many victims in every crime. -In chapter twenty-two the servants become distressed at the news of Rebecca's body being found. -Maxim goes to court for his inquest in the death of Rebecca.

-After Maxim finishes giving his evidence, Tabb the builder of Rebecca's boat gives his statement that someone had punctured hole in the bottom of the boat. Chapter 23-Chapter twenty-three is about how people will take advantage of people when they are down. -In chapter twenty-three the inquest ends with the theory that Rebecca committed suicide for unknown reasons. -After the inquest Jack Favell comes to Manderley with an attempt to black mail Maxim for murdering Rebecca. -After Maxim refuses to accept the black mail Jack Favell tells both Colonel Julyan and Frank that Maxim killed Rebecca. Chapter 24-Chapter twenty-four describes that the best thing to have on your side in a battle is luck.

-In chapter twenty-four Jack tells Maxim that he does have a suspect, Ben that can testify that he saw Maxim kill Rebecca. -Favell tries to get Ben and Mrs. Danvers to testify for him but both of the deny knowing about any relationship between him and Rebecca. -While looking through a diary of Rebecca's for clues to her death they come across a schedule of her last day and find the name of a Dr. Baker. Chapter 25-Chapter twenty-five is about how nothing is as simple as it appears.

-In chapter twenty-five Colonel Julyan, Favell, Maxim and Alice all decide to go meet Dr. Baker to find out what Rebecca had gone to meet with him for on her last day. -Favell insists that Maxim be locked in his room to make sure that he doesn't try to escape. -Beatrice calls to see how Maxim and the main character are doing with the verdict that Rebecca had committed suicide. Chapter 26-Chapter twenty-six is about how things sometimes work out in the end. -In Chapter twenty-six Jack Favell demands that he be taken with Maxim to see Dr.

Baker. -Colonel Julyan, Jack Favell, Maxim, and the main character all go to Dr. Baker's house to find out what Rebecca had gone to him for. -Dr. Baker tells the group that Rebecca was dying of cancer and would have been dead within two months.

Chapter 27-Chapter twenty-seven is about how far some people will go to get revenge. -In chapter twenty-seven Favell is still not convinced that Rebecca committed suicide and tell Maxim that he will get revenge on him. -Maxim calls Frank to tell him the outcome of the meeting with Dr. Baker and finds out that Mrs. Danvers has packed up her possessions and left Manderley. -Maxim has a bad feeling and instead of stopping at a hotel drives straight home to find Manderley on fire..