The rules of nature are rules that cannot be broken, they are static and will always be there. The rules of nature are so great that even giants like the sun and the moon must follow them. The earth itself must spin around the sun and the forces of gravity are so great that not even an object of such mass can bend them. As humans we must follow these rules or else we will perish.

We must understand that our flesh and bones are not and if our flesh and bones are to come in contact with an object of higher mass at a sufficient velocity they will be damaged. We must also understand that everything that goes up must come down and if a man made machine doesn't have enough force propelling it upwards it will fall. The rules of physics are not always against us. If it wasn't for gravity then we would all go flying upward into outer space. Planets would also suffer because they would go around the universe hitting each other like billiard balls.

If it wasn't for friction it would be impossible to stand still or do anything but slide across the earth infinitely. All objects in the universe are affected by the rules of nature. These rules apply to all creatures that inhabit the earth and we must follow them whether we like it or not. If you die your body decomposes and you turn into vapor. If you jump off a high enough building your bones will break. If you are in a car and you hit the breaks while going at a fast velocity your body will continue to go forward, this is why you! Overall these forces will remain the same and no matter what happens they will always be there, unless the universe were to end.

Even though we have found many of the rules of physics we have much more to find out about our universe and our planet.