World History 6 October 2004 The Trojan War The city of Troy, now known as Turkey, was believed to had a great war with Greece. Major sources of this war include historical evidence and depictions through the epic poem The Iliad, written by Homer. While visiting Greece to request the return of a Trojan Princess, Prince of Troy Paris falls in love with the Spartan Princess, Helen. Because of their love for each other Paris and Helen return to Troy together. The abduction of Helen was the reason for the Trojan war. Helen's husband Menelaus and his brother Agamemnon launched an attack on Troy in order to bring back Helen and be known as powerful.

Greece and Troy fought the war for ten years. Many great battles occurred throughout the Trojan War and many great heroes emerged. Achilles was a great Greek warrior who was eventually killed by an arrow to the heel, which was believed to be his only weakness. The Trojan leader and brother of Paris was Hector, a great warrior who was killed by Achilles. Greek victory came in the form of deception. Greek soldiers constructed a large wooden horse which was brought to the Trojans and believed to be a gift to their goddess.

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