Making Sausage... The Steps to Follow Wash your hands please 1. Wash the meat in the sink with cool water, allow to drain Cut the meat into smaller cubes, trim any excess gristle / sinew /connective tissue. 2. Grind the meat (be careful with your fingers), if there are problems with the grinder, contact your teacher... Keep these hints in mind -1.

don't force the meat through the grinder - it will grind at its own pace 2. you may have to stop grinding the meat to clean the discs and the blade occasionally, as there may be sinew caught around the blade 3. Using the food processor - chop onions if necessary 4. Prepare your garlic - clean the heads of garlic (outside covering off), and break into individual cloves. Determine amount of garlic to add Place in food processor, add 1 cup of water process until minced 5.

Using a large bowl / pot /roaster, combine your recipe ingredients. It is critical that the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Use your hands. Take turns within your group, if your hands get too cold. 6. To test your mixture - make a sample meat patty and fry it in a frying pan.

Determine if any more seasonings are required. REMEMBER - your seasonings will become stronger with time. DON'T OVER DO IT 7. Place one sausage casing on the sausage tube that has been installed on the grinder.

Place oil into the casing as well as on the sausage tube. Place the casing on the tube. 8. Gradually add the meat mixture into the feeder compartment of the grinder. Tie a knot in the sausage casing after some meat has come out of the sausage tube. When the sausage link has reached the desired size leave 4' of empty casing, cut the casing and secure with a knot.

Continue on with the same procedure until the entire casing has been used. DO NOT pack the sausage casing too tightly as it will burst during the smoking process or during stuffing. The casing should be filled, but not tightly packed. 9. Allow the sausage to season overnight in the fridge.

10. (Optional) Sausage may be smoked if smoker available.