The bald eagle was finally adopted as the emblem of the United States in 1787 because 'its long life, great strength, and majestic looks, and also because it was then believed to exist only on this continent.' The bald eagle has survived for many years. It was almost lost at one point, and finally now is on its way back and the numbers are rising thanks to many efforts by various foundations. The Bald Eagle is more than a just a bird like every other species it too has a special part in keeping the food chain going. While driving On Rte 10 through the town of Hamden what seems to be an ordinary ride can become a scenic view of our nation's bird.

On a tall skinny Birch tree over 40 ft in the air is lives a bald eagle in its natural habitat. In this nest lives a male adult and female adult with an Eaglet. The nest is located in a farming open field along a river bank. This field and river provides the eagles with a source of food. The eagles mostly eat fish, the adult eagle will swoop down to the water and grab a fish all in one motion flying the meal back to the nest to feed its family. The field is posted to prevent people from ruining the habitat, since the natural reproduction of this eagle is very important to its recovery from being endangered.

I was able to view this community form the road and was able to watch the nest and occasionally watch the adult eagle fly away most likely looking for food to feed his family. The nest form my view was huge at least 3 feet in diameter perched up about 40 ft high on a birch tree. The surrounding area of the nest was clear of any branches or trees creating a clear access way for the birds to land. Below the nest was a large open field on the bank of an active river.

I visited the site approximately 5 times each visit was a t a different time in hopes of observing a different activity. My first visit was around 10 am one of the adults was perched on a branch nearby to the nest patiently staring at the surroundings. The eagle stayed for a while without moving. On my next visit at 12 am I observed the whole family active inside the nest. From my view I could only make out two of the adults.

My guess was that they were taking care of there young maybe even feeding it. My next visit was at a later time 5 pm this time only one of the adults was present. The next two visits that I made were repeats of what I had already saw. I was hoping to be able to visit them during a rainstorm to se what type of reaction they have to weather and what they do to deal with it. The eagle in this community is at the top of the food chain. This community consists of the sun as the primary source for the grass in the field and the trees in the field.

The insects and mice who thrive on the grass and other plants found in this community. The fish of the river eat the insects to survive. Then finally the eagle comes out and eats the fish and the mice completing the food chain and keeping this community alive. If any one of these elements were interrupted the Eagles could be affected greatly. Each species or organism relies on another to survive and that is what is so amazing about nature.

This Bald Eagle community amazed me. The way that all of these organisms rely on each other, and at the top lays one of the most amazing birds, our nation's symbol as well. I believe that if this community stays interrupted the bald eagle community has a chance of surviving. When the eaglet in this nest get old enough to leave and find a mate and do start a community somewhere else just as its parents did. Places like this where the natural reproduction of the bald eagle occur are very rare and need to be protected to insure the recovery of the eagle.