Citizen Soldier By: Brian Williams We all want our rights, but they must be balanced by our responsibilities. This quote has a very strong message. As American's, we have a duty to respond in a time of need. Not only should we go to war if we are called for, we should have pride in our nation at all times. Many American's don't realize how lucky we are. In America there are so many possibilities.

A person born to a poor family can go from rags to riches. Most of us don't have to worry about getting a meal, or having a place to live. People in other countries deal with the simple things that we regret everyday. To have all our rights as American's we have certain responsibilities to keep these rights possible. In the film Brave Rifles, the bravery of the GI's is inspiring. Several examples were given where the soldiers didn't have a chance but they would hold off the German army all by themselves to buy their fellow soldiers some time.

It is just awesome that they were able to do this. Many of them probably had families back home, but they put this aside and died for a greater cause. Our freedom. These soldiers helped make America what it is today. They stood for what America stands for.

Opportunity Freedom, and Wealth. So many people die each year trying to come to the United States from Mexico and Cuba. People complain about the increase of population of these people even in this area. I really don't have much to say about it because if I was from Cuba or Mexico, my main goal would be to make it to America. You really can't blame those people for wanting to come here. In America, if you come up with an idea and it sells well then you can become very wealthy off of it.

For example, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started building circuit boards in their garage. They were progressing toward the first computer that someone could have at their house. They developed programs that would be easy for a person to use. They founded a company called Apple Computers which dominated the market for many years. At the same time there was a man by the name of Bill Gates that was writing an operating system he called DOS or the disk operating system. He signed deals with companies such as IBM.

Bill Gates founded Microsoft and is now the richest man in the world. Only in America could this happen. We have the ability to shape our lives and our fate. People always complain about all the taxes that we have to pay. Well I would much rather pay all the taxes we do, then live in some dump over in the Middle East.

Those people are all brain washed. I'm not discriminating against them because of there religion. The fact that they hate us for the way we live is just ridiculous. We never went over and caused mass destruction in their petty little countries, because we don't agree on the way they live.

Well I guess what goes around comes around. Now they will be made an example. The one thing that I can't stand the most, is when people are all mad because someone has more money then them. There are all these people that think that we should disperse the money around. They think that the really rich people shouldn't be as rich and there money should be given to the poor. That is just a bunch of crap.

People that have a lot of money worked for it and it is theirs to keep. Those people just think that everything should just come easy to them, because they are lazy. If those people want it to be that way we should just send them to Cuba. It would all just be socialism. This would go against everything that America stands for. One thing that really gets to me in our nations history is Vietnam.

It isn't the reason why we went over there that bothers me. I think that stopping the spread of communism is a very good cause. The thing that bothers me is the way the soldiers were treated when they came home. They went over there and fought for our country, and then they came home expecting a warriors welcome. That is far from what they got.

I think it is terrible how people didn't realize that there were probably a lot of soldiers that didn't agree with the war but still fought for their country. That is one of our responsibilities. We need to support other American's in a time of war. When I was planning my future, the didn't give much thought about the military. I would not be accepted anyways. Even if I could be accepted it just didn't seem like the right path for me.

When I look at the military I respect the men that go into the selective services greatly. It takes a lot of guts and determination to make it through the whole thing. Especially the Marines, from what I have seen. Not only do the soldiers have to be physically fit they also have to be mentally strong.

They make you a killing machine. People that go into the military sometimes come out a completely different person. They are sometimes given direction in their life. They sometimes come out with a whole different prospective on life. Becoming the greatest nation in the world has changed the whole world.

Our language is being learned by thousands of people in several different countries. Even the Chinese are learning our language Some people say that our students are really far behind in learning other countries languages. I don't think we need to learn the other countries languages if everyone is going to learn ours anyways. As long as we stay on top as the dominate country then we will be okay. Some countries try to prevent our influences. In France, many technical words were adopted from us.

Finally the government of France decided they had enough and decided to induct new words into the French language to replace the English words for new technology. Even know people speak English in Great Britain, it is really a totally different language. Our English has evolved into American English. The foreign exchange students have told me that most of the stuff in Europe, for the younger generation, is in English.

Things such as posters advertising concerts. One thing that is upsetting is that in California they actually took a vote on if they wanted to teach Spanish as the main language the schools. That would really put those kids at a serious disadvantage if they wanted to move to a different location. There have been many soldiers fight to make America what it is today. Many men lost their lives to give us the freedom we have today. Our freedom should never be taken for granted.

Nor should our opportunity. The braveness of the GI's in the movie Brave Rifles should be an inspiration to all Americans. If there is one responsibility that we should make sure we uphold, it would be to keep America free.