WALT DISNEY COMPANY The Walt Disney company hopes that an aggressive new marketing and publicity blitz will help their slowing down business. With the company spending tens of million of dollars on t. v. advertising.

Celebrities have also been appearing on spots for Disney. Disney will also be lowering prices on hotels. By trying to get out of this September 11 th down we are experiencing there have been many opportunities for the marketing of this country to either plunge or sky rocket. Disney has been plunging. By Disneys actions we will all benefit from.

First it will not be as expensive to go to Disney, by tickets and hotel. Second it will help the airplane industry move up a little if people want to go to Disney. Third it will help some celebrities get in on some of the action. By putting these people on ad's that induce fun and excitement. Lastly it will help the communities that feed off of the money that Disney brings to them.

Helping little businesses, and airplanes, taxis ect... Disney is not using ads saying "get out and buy!" They are using " what could be more magical than spending time with the ones you love at a place that's always brought people together." This will hopefully persuade people to let go a little of that money that most people are not willing to spend. I chose this article because Disney brings a smile to my face and we really need a smile in this hard time.