Teachers Are Vultures In the extended metaphorical poem I wrote, I compared teachers to vultures. The second line means how different all the teachers are. In the third line I wrote how teachers come to school every day on a daily basis. The fourth and fifth line mean how ready they are to teach and lecture their students. I chose to write this because vultures go out everyday to scavenge their food just like teachers come to school everyday. Vultures pick on their prey, therefore I wrote on how teachers do this with their students.

When I wrote that they have seven meals a day, it means that they have seven periods to teach their students. When I wrote, 'One for every class they buffet,' I implied that they have many children in class to call on. The next line that I wrote means that for every 'meal' or class that the children go to they get smarter. If they don't listen and do their homework, they will do bad in school and fail their class. In the tenth and eleventh line I stated that teachers aren't so bad unless you do something that you are not supposed to do something or if you don't do something that you are supposed to do.

Also some teachers have a bad reput ion about something they never did and students don't like them for a reason that would make sense or continue to say it to follow the crowd. In the last two lines I wrote about how if you do something wrong in school that offends the class your teacher will yell 'out' and the teacher will send their student to the disciplinarian. This is how teachers are vultures.