Prospectus: The Conflict Between Modern and Traditional Islam Thesis: Over the last decade the Islamic Religion has been making the change from a traditional society to a more modern society. With the wars over religion and the world as a whole making changes, many Islamic families are discovering that they are attached to their traditional views, but to keep up with the constantly changing world they are wondering if being modern and "American" is the way to a more productive live. Description of project: The central conflict in Islamic life today has been between modern and traditional views of the Islamic religion. The world has been changing so drastically over the last few decades, that it has caused the Islamic religion to become more modern rather than traditional.

There is much conflict between traditional and modern views of Islam. I feel that with the high pace of today's society Islam has become more modern. Many would like to keep the views and practices in a more traditional manner but with the constant hustle and bustle of society it is somewhat impossible for Muslims of today's time to continue to practice in a strict traditional way. Bibliography: Afar web 1999-2002 Islam online This particular website does two things it provides Islam history as well as contemporary ideas and how they are linked together. Ah lul Baht Digital Islamic Library Project. July 23, 1997 web This website looks at Islamic beliefs and practices as well as Islamic history and current events.

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