Jesus Christ I think a great person to put on the postage stamp would be Jesus Christ. There are many reasons why Jesus would be a good choice. He was very influential to many people in the world. He was also a great person and a role model for a lot of people. Jesus changed a lot of peoples live and countless people praise him and honor him everyday.

Jesus was a great person and leader to many. I think since Jesus Christ is such an influence he deserves the honor of being on a postage stamp. Jesus would be a great person for a postage stamp because he was a huge influence. Jesus Christ is one of the main figures of the Christianity religion branch. Jesus inspired many and was the son of God.

He was perfect. Mostly everyone in the world knows that Jesus is an icon for the Christian faith and since over forty percent of the world's population believes in Christianity, he is defiantly something many admire. There are an immense amount of places of worship called churches for Christians to praise Christianity. There are also radio stations and music as well as television channels and even movies.

Vast amounts of people put Jesus to play major role as an influence to their life. Another reason Jesus is a great person to put on postage stamps is because he was a great person and role model. Jesus was the only perfect human being. Jesus could do the impossible and make miracles happen. He was a supreme being. Jesus was the son of God and lived a simple life.

He was not greedy, or selfish or promiscuous. Jesus was a wise and simple man who made all the right choices with the best intentions, he did not hate anyone. He only loved. Jesus would always end up being the better of the bunch by making good and righteous decisions. I think this is a very good reason why Jesus is a great role model.

He was a kind, fair, and loving man. A man like Jesus should be on a postage stamp because he is an idol to many. Jesus should be on a postage stamp on account of the fact that he is a commendable person who many people look up to and are influenced by. Many people know about him and his ways through the practice of the Christian faith.

Since a lot of people believe that he is the son of God and all the stories told in the Bible, many people are influenced by his teachings. Many people also look up to him as a role model because of his positive attitude, simple life, incredible leadership, kind and loving heart, and just a good guy all around with no flaws. This is why I think Jesus Christ should be on a postage stamp.