shadowing experience at Doherty, Duggan and Rousse Insurers was on Wednesday March 20, 2005. At the beginning of the experience there was eight o'clock devotion about the different kinds of "wants", we as human beings in a society of wants not needs. I met an array of assistants, accountants and different sales representatives. I met Charlotte Easterling the "central hub", the administrative assistant of the entire firm.

Regina King, the accounting manager she works on the payroll, which she outsources, pays bills and payables. Laura Cout u, the accounting and system administrator she books for computers the firm uses and she is the day to day computer tech and support. I met Melinda Duggan a sales associate with commercial selling. She oversees the account of Southern Ad trucking company, At nine fifteen there was a sales meeting, sales associates meet to discuss sales calls and sales revenue. Associates talk about different venues to sell to, states commission and also talk about different companies and corporation they sell to or try to sell to.

Each sales associate spends about three to four minutes each discussing sales about previous week, commissions ranging from $40. 00 to $8000. 00. At twelve fifteen the firm have their quarterly meeting called WE Incorporated, the meeting starts out with birthdays and work anniversaries. The accounting manager states TARGETS for each individual department. The different departments state commissions and other new accounts.

The different departments vary as such: Commercial Lines, Personal Lines, Claims, Accountant, Administrative, Procedures, Rewards and Recognition and Events. They have a Profile section which sales executives talk about biggest sales of a particular departments and the firms accolades, this week was Fred Taylor Trucking Company, Southern AD carriers who have been with the firm since they had 5 trucks and 17 trailers, they now have 327 trucks and 239 trailers, lastly the firm mentioned Water, Gas and Light Commission which is their largest account. Also Doherty, Duggan and Rousse Insurers was mentioned in Rough Notes a national syndicated insurance magazine noted the last year D, D & R Insurers had 4. 25 million dollars in revenue. Finally the sales associates talked about building relationships and partnering in insurance, they stated that there in NO INDIVIDUALISM in their company.