Steroid use in Major League Baseball is a topic of growing concern. Over the past few months, different allegations toward certain superstars and their involvement with illegal anabolic steroids have surfaced. From books written by ex-ballplayers to accusations by ex-trainers of the players, steroids are clearly all over the teams clubhouses when it shouldn't be. Steroids connection with Major League Baseball today should clearly not be allowed because it gives the users a decisive edge over the clean players, it sets a bad example for the children that look up to the ball players, and most importantly it will eventually kill you. Steroids are a drug that increases the body mass and strength of a person by a large amount when used correctly. In a sport as competitive as professional baseball, players are constantly looking for an edge over the other athletes.

By using steroids, players can increase their bat speed and overall quickness gaining a clear cut advantage over the players who are completely natural. Jason Giambi and Jose Canseco are two former league Most Valuable Players that admitted to using steroids-both MVP seasons were at the peak of the players drug use. Baseball is America's pastime, and most children across the nation watch these athletes perform every summer. With 162 games played yearly, baseball players on the television screen plenty of more times than any other sport played. So while certain players are coming back each season twice as big and twice as good as the year before, steroids becomes very attractive to younger and younger children each season played. Cottiers 2 With high-school ers all across America striving for a chance at the Major Leagues, the risk of steroids seems minimal when you see the people you look up to using them.

There is a reason steroids is banned from baseball-because it is very dangerous to your body if taken. Just like cocaine and heroine are illegal across America because of its harming effects on the body, steroids is also illegal because it can kill you in the long run. A high school athlete recently committed suicide because of a side effect from using steroids. It doesn't get much simpler than the fact that steroids do kill. Other muscle gaining supplements such as Creatine are accepted in the Major Leagues because it doesn't have the harming effects on the body as steroids do. Steroids is a drug that has an endless list of damaging side effects which is what causes the drug to be banned from all clubhouses in the Major Leagues, as well as all professional sports.

Of course it is easier to take the easy way out, which is why the popularity of steroids is growing. Instead of working twice as hard in the weight room, players are sticking a needle in their body to help them become twice as big without requiring as much work. This is what the youth of America sees, the men they watch on television every summer, taking a drug that allows them to gain an edge over other athletes by cheating. Steroids is an illegal drug that has invaded the clubhouses of Major League Baseball and the houses of high school and college athletes across America. Steroid use needs to be monitored more closely because it is a cheating way to gain an edge on your opponent, it sets a bad example for children, and it can kill you.