Fire bringer Simon To get through something alone is much harder than having someone there with you. Going to your first day of school alone with out anyone would be very hard, but having someone with there you don't feel alone and it would be easier. There are good examples in Shoeless Joe, Macbeth and Lord Of the Flies, where the main characters have suffered because they have been alone. In Shoeless Joe the protagonist needed the help of his friends to get where he needed to be. Without them he wouldn't have gotten as far as he did in the story. It would have been like one person fighting a whole army.

Shoeless Joe got drawn in to throwing off the World Series to make a ton of money. Ethically he didn't want to do it but he did it because he didn't want to be an outsider. After banned from playing major league baseball he kept following his dream so he played in a different league and he used a different name. In the Play Macbeth, Macbeth was trying to be powerful and ended up killing his friend and ended up being alone. Macbeth was power hungry and he didn't trust his friends to help him which eventually got him killed.

Had he been able to get help he would have had a successful reign of power. In Lord of the Flies, Ralf needed everyone and when he lost everyone he realized he was alone and couldn't survive. Simon had no friends, and he couldn't fit in so he ended up being killed. Everyone in the group needed to follow someone because they didn't want to be alone. Surviving on a deserted island would be very difficult to do alone.

You need friends to fit in and survive through society. Being alone is really tuff and can make it a lot harder to get through and deal with things.