Have you ever been eaten alive by the fury of the Pacific Ocean? Well, it happened to me and many other exciting things happened when I visited Hawaii for the first time. About eight years ago, during my spring break, my family and I went to the island of Kauai and we were there for about eight days. I am telling you, the first time you visit a tropical paradise; your scenes will change drastically. The food, the people (locals and tourists), the culture, and lest not forget that unforgiving Pacific Ocean.

When I say your scenes will change, I do mean it. The food is probably the biggest thing that I had to adjust to. I was a regular kid who liked his burgers and fries. But instead I was eating food that I would never have imagined. For example, the first time I tried raw tuna, I was immediately hooked. At first I was little skeptical and grossed out but never judge a book by its cover.

It wasn't the taste I enjoyed, it was the texture the turned me on the most (raw tuna has little or no taste). To this very day, I try to indulge myself on sushi every chance I can. The people and the culture make you appreciate the type of paradise tat you are in. The houses aren't the best and the schools aren't the biggest.

But everyone seems to be happy with what they have. There seems to be a type of brotherhood that the Hawaiians have. They may not show it but you do receive that kind of vibe when you interact with them. I gathered the fact that Hawaiians, as a society, look after each other, irregardless if they know each other or not. With that attitude, you can learn to appreciate what you have. Let us not forget the ocean.

There is nothing more spectacular then watching 12 to 20 foot waves crashing against the coral reefs. It is really something. I myself will never forget the first time I went surfing. At first, I got it down pretty well. I had very good balance and excellent control. I began to swim out farther then I should have.

I see this wave come in that just blows me away. I try to paddle in to avoid it but it was too late. The wave swallowed me whole and spat me back out like the beginner I was. It all happened so fast that I don't really remember the whole event. The only memory I have of this experience is seeing the ocean floor as I was digested by this wave. Also, I was pretty close to smacking my head on some coral reef on the bottom.

Hawaii is a place where your scenes will be teases and tickled. You will experience thing that not everyone will see and you will learnt to appreciate what you are experiencing.